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Friday, March 30, 2007

The Indian in the Computer

A conversation

He who loves life: Boy, it sure is great to wake up every morning in this gorgeous land of ours.

He who talks too much: Yes, I do agree. We live in the forest and have access to quality hardwood and clean water whenever we need it. We can build shelters to sleep in and canoes to fish in and spears to hunt with and anything else we want. We can do anything! Life is good out here.

He who loves life: Of course. We live a peaceful existence and cohabitate with a number of various species, just as the way it should be.

He who talks too much: You have nailed it right on the head, my friend! We are a lucky people, a special people, a people that deserves great things and gets them because we work hard and have a strong sense of ethics. Everything about our life is great, and nothing needs to change, because we have mastered exactly how to live life to the fullest and most free.

He who is a great swimmer: Hey guys, what are y'all blabbing about, get on in this water, it's unbelievable! I'm going to swim a lap, give me one second!

He who sits in awkward positions: Sons, my sons, please gather round me. Get out of that water, quit your talking, and come sit and be one with the world. Notice how I am sitting, and sit just as I am and take in, BREATHE in, the world. Immerse yourself in life.

He who can't throw worth a lick: Hey, you lazy nincompoops, always sittin' around all the time...Eat rock! (throws rock)

He who follows Murphy's Law: OW! Who threw that rock at me?

Government Suit: People, PEOPLE, if that's what you call yourselves. Put on some clothes and clean yourselves up. Be CIVILIZED for chrissakes. It's like you just don't even care. Now, here you go, here is a computer, go run along and write a sob story about how your favorite bird is dying cause of industry or something. Go. Go!

He who is horny: Awww porn!