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Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Toast...

To the NBA Playoffs. Sure, there's more flopping and touch calling than the regular season, but the play and story lines have been phenomenal. Some thoughts to dribble around while you're watching my awe-inspiring 1-2 combo in the Land of Mormon tonight:

-Kobe Bryant is itching to score something like 98 points in one of these starts. With a little less pressure on his own homecourt, he may very well hit his rhythm and make one helluva propt bet for some cool, collected gambler out there.

-The mish-mosh formerly known as Golden State has become a very live dog right underneath the radar (though risking suspension is stupid and may give Ush a heart attack). The Series has given me a good look at this Dirk Nowitzki and I have to say that I don't actually like what I see as a whole. The man is a great player and a franchise piece. I think he deserves praise for his talent and intelligence as well. What I don't understand is why people do not acknowledge that Dirk does not take over a game nearly as well as once thought.

Dallas has a good shot at a ring this year and he will be integral to that. As a statistical entity and portion of a championship team, Dirk is no hero. Slowness means a tremendous lack of defense and Bill Laimbeer-ish moves to the lane. Consider how many players you would trade Dirk for straight up if you were the Dallas Mavericks. By thinking through how the team would function with the newly acuired player, there are more than the MVP chanters would like to admit. Steve Nash or Chris Paul would send that team screaming up and down the court. Kobe Bryant changes a game like no other. Allen Iversen controls the floor as well as he does the basket. Joe Johnson, Tracy Mcgrady, Michael Redd, Paul Pierce, Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James all fill up a stat sheet as well or better. Dwight Howard, Chris Bosh and Yao Ming provide just as much offense with better defense and rebounding. There are days when I would rather have Pau Gasol or even Carlos Boozer or Andre Iguodala for toughness and athleticism. Which of these players would you take for Dirk Nowitzki?

Sure, you could say that Dallas stayed at the same upper echelon without steve Nash. Is it really incorrect to assume that brilliant coaching from both AJ and Nellie as well as added athleticism and some draft luck did not help the Mavericks just as much? Who the hell thought Dasagnia Diop would be useful NBA player.

-Watch a Utah crowd. The Mormons are mean.

-Miami better find life quick. Shaq can't keep carrying eleven other guys when they play badly and the Bulls are out for blood. With the emergence of Kirk Hinrich as a defensive player the Bulls now have three guys that can play both ends of the floor and one of the best defensive players in the game with Ben Wallace.

-Yao Ming discourse is all over the Houston radio. It's mostly in relation to Hakeem Olajuwon and the '94-'95 team. They had a nice little 1-2 punch themselves...


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Congratulations Ush

The fictionally located Golden State Warriors have made the playoffs. Congratulations Ush! I can't wait to see the Warriors run with the Mavs, even if it's a far cry away and about thirty shots of German liquor in the belly of Dirk from a victory in the series for them.

Not that I'm not hoping you win. A forty point game seven margin does not dull all that much over two seasons and I'm ready for Dallas to get it's spectacular regular season record blasted out of the playoffs. Game on, HoopsHeads!