Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Finally, Some Good News

The David Wright portion of the Spring Training Preview Spectacular could be one sentence: David Wright will be fine. One sentence is for Twitter though, and while I've slowly begun conquering that realm, I still do have a ton of virtual space to fill. So on with the worrying. Not that much worrying though.

For a little while, I wondered about Wright catching the Hank Blalock pox, but then I looked up Blalock's stats and noticed he never really came close to Wright. There are the possible lingering effects of Matt Cain's stupid goddamn fastball to the head, but as incompetent as the Mets are, I see them learning from their Ryan Church concussion-related history and paying close attention to Wright's brainpan. It might not even be about learning, it might be the front office gets gripped with the kind of temporary focus that helps you jump out of the way of a speeding car, a survival mechanism that while something as amorphous as "a team" shouldn't have, it does and keeps it from doing anything monumentally dumb. There's the Citi Field problem, but now that some of the hype and panic has worn off the place, maybe Wright will be more at ease. Hell, maybe the blue walls are what the team really needs to succeed there.

Even in his weird-ass freak down year, the guy hit .307 (he was at .324 pre-concussion) and drove in 72 runs in 144 games. RBIs are a bullshit stat yeah, but those 72 runs were all of the Mets' runs, so the number is much more impressive when you think about it that way. Wright's offensive slide coincided with losing Carlos Beltran as lineup support on June 21st, and it's hard to blame him considering that meant he was the last professional hitter standing in Queens. Carlos Delgado and Jose Reyes were lost in May, never to return. Gary Sheffield? Please, he wagged his bat into irrelevance by the middle of July. Keeping that in mind, Wright will at least have Jason Bay in the lineup with him, and Bay shouldn't start approaching awfulness until at least the third year of his contract. There's also a rejuvenated Jose Reyes on the horizon and Carlos Beltran coming back in the middle of the season from an injury as opposed to leaving in the middle because of one.

It's just impossible for me to worry seriously about David Wright and I'm not going to be down on the guy's prospects in March. Yes, like Johan Santana he's basically the linchpin of the offense and if something goes wrong with him, the Mets will be not only worth tuning out by August, but I'll have to tune them out for the sake of my mental health. That day will not come though. At the very, very least the Mets will have the Johan and David show and my gods did this post get depressing by the end. Mets have to start putting up 80 runs in4 games that actually count, I'll tell you what.


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