Friday, June 19, 2009

TGME on Twitter - A New Frontier

Forget about all that Iran Revolution crap, the real news on Twitter is that your good friends at The Gil Meche Experience have decided to grace that world with our presence.

No, this has nothing to do with my lack of a desire to write anything longer than 140 characters...but I digress.

So follow us at, and may god have mercy on your souls.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Human After All

All this time I thought Johan Santana was a killer pitching cyborg sent from the future to redeem us of all our sins in fandom and lead us into a glorious new age of Metropolitanality. Now that he has been struck and bleeds like a normal man, I'm not so sure.

No no, I'm not panicking and getting on the "Trade Santana" bandwagon, if such a thing exists. Still, I was hoping that after enduring a brutal start against the Natinals, Johan would be able to recover against the Pirates and keep the Mets loss the night before from metastasizing into a losing streak. Shows what I know.

Is it all Johan's fault? Sadly I don't know because I didn't see much of the game, being stuck in class. But I do know that the Mets have a scary lack of depth. Not that this hasn't been harped on before, but if the Mets keep trotting out this line up, they're going to find themselves seven games under .500 as opposed to over. It's frustrating of course, because short of Carlos Delgado getting shelved for over half a season, it's tough to predict that your starting shortstop will go down right at the same time as your backup does and that your right fielder will strain a hamstring just standing there and that your centerfielder will get swine flu or an ulcer and his backup will pull his groin and your hotshot setup man will come down with a case of Heilmanism, but Omar Minaya makes a lot of money to watch over this team and he should really have a "Plan Q" out there. And it should not involve the words "Ramon Martinez."

Whatever. A team with as much history as the Mets is always concocting some new and terrible way to torture their fanbase. Obviously for my generation, it's going to be the Pittsburgh Shuffle from here to eternity. It's a simple dance really: Put your arms out like you're flying high and at the moment you feel the grandness of flight, take a running leap and fall flat on your face. Try not to lay there too long though, because no one is going to help you up.