Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gizmodo Writers Never Get Laid

Well maybe they do, but there are certainly some bloggers out there who never get laid, and so by extension, the writers at Gizmodo probably aren't exactly doing it "doggy fashion" either.

What, you have a problem that logic? Perhaps you should note that it is the exact same approach taken in one of Gizmodo's recent posts, "English Football Squad Arsenal to Broadcast Live Replays to Hooligans' PSPs in the Stadium." Now admittedly, its a funny headline, but the problem is that most of the article is spent mocking football fans instead of discussing the (pretty freaking cool) technology...

Soon, loutish Englishmen with a penchant for portable gaming will watch replays on their PSP during Arsenal home games. Mainly to prove that Irishman down the aisle deserved to lose his teeth.
The software, being developed by Sony especially for Arsenal's super-fancy Emirates stadium in North London, could also potentially link up fans in the stadium and allow them to chat in real time. Yes, because the torrent of spittle and obscenities bursting forth from every maw just isn't enough "interaction" for our modern age. The system could be live by the end of next season.
(emphasis added)

I understand that most people think this way about soccer fans, but ignoring the fact that Arsenal simply doesn't have much of a hooligan base, its just bad taste to base an article on such a view. Gizmodo is a tech blog, and rather than taking the opportunity to note that football fans take advantage of the web far more than fans of other sports, the site chose to take cheap shots at them. Basically, the writer seems to take the attitude that since one football fan is a hooligan, the only people who could possibly follow the sport are thugs well. If the editors knew that this guy felt this way, they probably should have had someone else write the article so we could get more out of it than negativity.

Ultimately, I know that Gizmodo is a great site and most of its writers probably groaned once they saw this, just like I know that most of them probably get laid on a regular basis. But hey, I also know (just like this writer) that sensationalism and generalizations get readers, so I'll give the technique a spin. Who knows, maybe we can draw a fourth (or even fifth!) visitor to the blog.

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Call it soccer you're in America!!!!