Friday, September 12, 2008

I Don't Know Why I Do It

I got the bright idea of going over to Michelle Malkin's blog just a little while ago, presumably because I was in the grip of a brain eating parasite. All kidding aside, I now wish I had said parasite so that I would lack the comprehension to read what is adorning the front page. A whole post dedicated to attacking Barack Obama's tribute etiquette at Ground Zero. Seriously.

Even worse than that however, is her highlighting a comment from a reader who must be able to read minds, because he informs us all that Obama obviously doesn't want to be there. You know, because he hates America I guess. The comment goes on to say that Obama blows off shaking hands with a uniformed fireman and a construction worker wearing an American flag hardhat. This is that video:

Shocking, no? But there goes our man, blowing off the grieving family members of 9/11 victims. Certainly this is an indictment of his character and proof he looks down on the average American. What's that? Yet another video showing Obama's moral cowardice?

Fast forward to about 3:30 if you want to skip the pageantry and you'll notice that Obama shakes hands with everyone on the line. In fact, he seems to care so much that he goes back to the beginning to talk to one of the women a second time.

In this post, Malkin claims she was watching the broadcast live, so unless she got up to make a sandwich while Obama was going down the handshake line, she knows that he took the time to speak with everybody. Even better, almost none of the commenters bother to follow the link to the video above that someone else posted and noted that he shook everyone's hand. They just act like it never happened and go on talking about how much Obama hates America. These are the same lovely people, you'll remember, who wanted to start killing liberals because we exist.

Michelle Malkin is a cunt.

Here, allow me to say that a few more times so that maybe I get into the Google results and draw some trolls out.

Michelle Malkin is a cunt. Michelle Malkin is a cunt. Michelle Malkin is a cunt. Michelle Malkin is a cunt. Michelle Malkin is a cunt. Michelle Malkin is a cunt. Michelle Malkin is a cunt. Michelle Malkin is a cunt.

Michelle Malkin is a stain on America, a blight on humanity. Someone justify this kind of rhetoric to me, this willful blindness of basic facts in order to libel someone who's only crime is not agreeing 100% with her worldview. I'm disgusted to share the same species with someone like this, someone so small and petty and full of hate that she would take the time during a national day of mourning to try to invent a controversy out of thin air.

What's worse, someone like her probably thinks a reaction like mine is proof that what she's doing "works." She's just getting under the skin of another libtard. How vile. How trite. How small. This goes beyond cheap shot politics, something on which which I have no moral high ground, and goes to a place so disgusting that no shower can ever wash it off. But, I guess if it sells books, it's OK. The last couple times we visited with Malkin were funny, but this is beyond the pale.

Go fuck yourself, Michelle Malkin.

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Anonymous said...

True story at Oberlin, a pack of 3 frat guys said they pulled a train on Michelle Maglalang (now Malkin). Apparently each left Clinton "stains" on her part was I was one of those guys lol.