Tuesday, August 26, 2008

With Responses Like This, I Hope There's An Assassination Threat Everyday!

We've got our first possible maybe assassination plan against Barack Obama, and it didn't disappoint. Is there any better publicity for the efficiency and capability of the white power movement than a bunch of cranked up metheads who can't even keep their shit together on the first day of the Democratic convention?

But since the threat isn't too credible, I think instead of worrying about Barack's safety, it would be more fun to lurk on right wing blogs and find and post their respectful prayers for The Candidate's safety. After all, we all know it's just those left wing blogs that are the new KKK and traffic in hate speech, right? Show us the way readers of Hot Air!

(Note: You might want to open these in a new window to read them clearly)

If you can give me one reason why saying Obama should be relocated to Africa isn't monstrously racist, I'll give you nude Miley Cyrus pictures.
Every politician dreams they can pick up the coveted "assassination plot bounce," especially coming in conjunction with the convention bounce. Why, Obama just might win the election off this!
That's a pretty nutty way to blame Obama for his own assassination attempt, but I'm looking for something more succinct.
Oh, there it is.
I don't know how a news item about people using guns to harm other people turned into a referendum on drugs, but OK. I just know I've never heard of anyone adding a sniper scope to a vial of crack.
Actually, I only take offense to this one because I'm a former drain on the public payroll.
Ah, a comment that combines my favorite aspects of this post: gun nerdery and conspiracy mongering.
Alden Pyle seems to know a little too much...
Jesse Jackson wishes he could hire ninjas. Then again, so do I. KEE-YAH, BITCH!
Alden Pyle is just a fount of inappropriate thoughts.
I think we on the left wing of the blogosphere can learn a bit from these civilized, respectful folks.


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The downside of a free and democratic society is having to put up with the likes of these "upstanding" citizens...

How many rocks did you have to turn over to find these gems?