Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Once Again, Hollywood Proves No Substitution For The Real Thing

Just one: What makes the people behind Swing Vote think they deserve to live? You want to see a real campaign ad? Let the McCain folks show you how it's done.

BAM! Picture perfect folks, blast fax kudos all around. Stoking subliminal racist fears? Check. Using celebrity as a stand in for "spoiled, vacuous twat"? Check. Painting your opponent as out of touch because he won't support your non-sensical positions? Double check. I'm gonna sleep through the rest of this election, wake me up when John McCain wins or Kevin Costner dies in a fiery plane crash.


tomeoftheunknownblogger said...

That first ad was funny! I'd vote for Donald Greenleaf. Who is Donald Greenleaf anyway? He looks a lot like that actor...Dennis Hopper.

That second ad? That's scary. I heard about the McCain ad with Britney Spears and Paris Hilton today on CNN on XM, but had no idea about this ad.

Thanks for posting!


puulpmaker said...

But can Greenleaves win?