Thursday, June 26, 2008

Metsblog's Comment Section Is A Bastion Of Progressive Thought

UPDATE - DISREGARD THAT I SUCK COCKS! So as it turns out, the story that launched all those wonderful comments was fake. However, I stand by my mockery, since the reality of the story doesn't change the dismissive tone of the comments.

It isn't Matt Cerrone's fault that his comment section is filled with apes. Hell, I'd sell Ush into white slavery for the kind of web traffic Cerrone pulls down and on a website that is filled with calls for the whole team to be shot into space after every loss, I probably shouldn't expect much of the site's readers when an actual fucked up incident occurs.

In what is arguably worse news than the Mets calling up Tony Armas, Jr., it appears they drafted a dickhead who fancies himself the next Keith Hernandez (via Metsblog, from The Times Herald-Record):
“Earlier today, one of my colleagues, staff writer Mira Wassef, a hard-working and conscientious reporter, went to Dutchess Stadium in Fishkill to interview Davis. According to Mira, and I totally believe her, once she walked into the Brooklyn clubhouse, several players began whistling at her and making cat calls. She was unnerved to say the very least… The performance by the Cyclones was pathetic. A disgrace…

“Mira asked if Davis had a few minutes to talk for an interview. His reply? ‘I’m not playing tonight, sweetheart. We don’t have anything to talk about.’…

They showed that bitch who doesn't belong in the locker room, eh guys? Them female reporters just want a look at the players' cocks anyway.

The world's biggest deal? Perhaps not, but it's still wrong, and in 2008, I don't really understand how it's still acceptable in any fashion. Women have been in the locker rooms for as long as I can remember, and I'm 23, so athletes have to get used to them being around. Of course, who needs to be levelheaded when you can make anonymous internet comments? There are many different ways to react to this story if you're a jackass Neanderthal, so allow me to point out my favorites.

There's the knee jerk "I'm anti-PC and I'm proud", as exemplified by zer09:

Honestly, this is such crap. He did seem a bit snippy from the story, but what kind of idiotic PC society do we live in where calling a woman “sweetheart” is offensive? What the hell is going on…
What the hell indeed brother? Maybe we live in the confused world of M Night Shyamalan's The Happening! Not to be missed is the "We're the real victims here" mentality:

Listen if the media can blow up on Imus for asking whether a person is black or not I’m sure they can make a story out of this too. The Time-Herald Record is notorious for trying to make the Mets look bad in any way. Their front pages go as follows:

If Yankees play:
Front: Yankees win, Mets a few pages in
Front: Yankees lose, Mets a few pages in

If Yankees don’t play:
Front: Mets win, Yankees for the rest of the sports section
Front: Some non-story about the Yankees, Mets a few pages back.

Darn that liberal media, eh CitizenSnips? Then there's Deeg, who shows us how to be rockist, if not a little racist too:

So when does Ike’s rap album come out?

There's the loathsome and predictable, "I wanna fap to her picture" response, seen pretty much all over the post:

Can we get a pic of Mira to understand exactly what the hub bub was about? For research and objectivity purposed of course.

As soon as you're willing to let people ogle and point out every one of your flaws when you're in a bikini, you can have a picture of her. Of course, if she's a woman doing, well, anything, she must be asking for it, right adropofvenom?

There are certain places that chivalry isn’t to be expected…..a testosterone filled sports clubhouse is one of them. If you’re a good looking young woman going to put yourself into that enviornment you should expect a few people to act like complete jerks. It’s just the reality of the matter. The reporter bringing this up is acting like this would be any different if it was any other professional sports clubhouse. Trust me, it wouldn’t be.

I’m not condoning it, but if that hurt her feelings then she has a long ways to go before becoming any sort of serious reporter.

Right. In the same vein, here's wesdp1988 with a look into the mind an almost-20 year old who confuses feminism with the idea of women having jobs:

Im turnin 20 this week, and although I don’t think whistling at a reporter would be something that I would do, I don’t necessarily think it’s a awful thing that happened. She, the apparent feminist who shouldn’t be “shaken” by something like this, was in the MENS clubhouse. Next time send a man to do her job. It’s not the players responsibility to not be themselves in the clubhouse. It’s that type of uptight nature that creates rifts between reporters and players. The players are doing the reporter a service, so the reporter(if female) shouldn’t get so bent out of shape. She should have just taken care of it herself, and told him that she was upset about it and to treat her with more respect. But instead, she tattled to her boss who obviously is a perfect person and doesn’t remember being 20, and calls this kid out. Ike could do the favor by chippin into that 1.65 mill and actually buy tomorrows paper.

I think next time they should send a shapeshifting killer cyborg to get the interview, but I've been up for three days watching Terminator 2 on a constant loop, so don''t listen to me. Finally, my favorite comment, courtesy of TheBigStapler, which can only be summed up by ???:

The whole scene sounds like something lifted from a cheesy movie. Did the sassy female reporter then make some witty comment about Ike’s genitalia, inciting riotous laughter in the locker?

Are they going to fall in love? Coney Island date scene? This plot writes itself.

Yes, I think I've seen this movie. It's called "Broads Shouldn't Work." Jesus dude, did you even read the MetsBlog swipe, much less the actual article?

Next week on MetsBlog comments: an informed discussion about dark matter and the true nature of the universe, hosted by Fire0mar666. Hope to see you there!


Apartment 618 said...

Anyone else notice that Pulp almost sold Ush into slavery there?

Pulp said...

Oh come on, there was a basically impossible qualifier on it. I may as well have said I'd do it if I could come home to find Rachel McAdams spread eagled on my bed covered in chocolate pudding. Or world peace. Yeah, I'd sell Ush into white slavery for world peace too.

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