Monday, June 9, 2008

Barack Obama: Still Black

It's only days into the actual one on one Presidential dust up and it's way too soon to decide whether this is going to be the dumbest race ever. Fox, however, is doing their best to make sure that it is. I don't want to be premature and make rash predictions, but what they hell, they've earned it:
Proving that even dap can become a news story with legs, and not the normal kind, but weird legs that need braces and massive amounts of surgeries to work, I bring you E.D. Hill and her wonderfully tone deaf innuendo:

When you pick your jaw up off the floor after hearing the already struck from the record "terrorist fist jab," please take the time to listen to the rest of this astoundingly empty interview. From the sad, sad body language expert going over her secret signals to her husband to Hill seemingly not realizing that a chest bump is par for the course after any touchdown, this segment appears to have been put together solely to bring up the Hezbollah thing again.

How am I supposed to believe this is a body language expert if she doesn't reach through the set and put Hill out of her misery for asking questions about a pound? The only answer to that question should be "Get your fat head out of your ass Hill, this is 2008 we're talking about here." I understand that this is the average Fox News viewer, but I think it's safe to assume everyone who hasn't ever used the word "octoroon" in anger knows what dap is. Has Hill never watched Black Bush?

(Game ball to Alternet for the video)

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