Wednesday, April 9, 2008

May Your Playoff Beard Grow Long and Tangled

Just look at that man's mustache. A mustache like that says one of four things:

1. I'm here to deliver a pizza...with extra sausage.
2. I'm here to rape your toddler.
3. That's my Camaro over there. You don't want your daughter in it.
4. I'm here to win the Stanley Cup.

Thankfully for the Rangers and their fans, number 4 is the only one we know for sure is true about Ryan Hollweg. 3 is probably true too, and while the other two could be, until that time comes, we'll just assume they aren't.

Despite my burying the Rangers for the second straight year (I really oughta learn from that), the team gelled and picked their game up, shooting from ninth place at the All-Star break to fifth place in the East, and you can't say they didn't work for it. That effort carried over tonight, when they walked into the Devil's garbage dump of a home and put them away 4-1.

It was everything you want from playoff hockey. Every moment was packed with tension, as evidenced by the loud shouting with every Ranger goal. Oh sure, a hockey goal is always reason to celebrate, but watching the playoffs, you're so wound up that you scream almost like a reflex when the good guys score.

There was hitting. Oh was there hitting. Ryan Hollweg was so locked in on hurting a guy in a red sweater that his first hit was against the endboards, but to be fair to him, he probably bruised the boards. Even Nigel Dawes got in on it, though his first attempted hit was mostly him running into a Devil and falling down.

And there were the close calls and the beautiful goaltending. I'll give Marty Brodeur his due, he played a hell of a game, though his brain fart on Ryan Callahan's shorthanded goal seemed out of character. But Henrik Lundqvist played better, and we are all the richer for it. Well, everyone but the Devil fans anyway. The Devils hit three posts, mostly because they don't deserve to score actual goals, but each post was that much more heart stopping.

So on we go to Friday, which was already set to be awesome with the second episode of Battlestar Galactica's new season airing. Now, with a Ranger win, it could turn out to be...double awesome.


Slammnardo said...

Gomez is going to get a point on the series clincher. You heard it here first folks.

tomeoftheunknownblogger said...

Hey Pulp and the gang at Gil Meche:

Haven't seen anything new here in a while. Just checked out and it looks like your NY Rangers't make it to the conference final, let alone the Stanley Cup finals.

Oh well, there's always next year? baseball? the 2008 election?