Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Q: What does Obama have in common with the Houston Rockets?

Hopefully nothing. The Rockets go on the road tonight to face the Pacers. With a win in Indianapolis, The Bayou Ballaz will have the longest winning streak in the history of the franchise with sixteen games. 16 out of 82 makes for roughly one fifth of the season wrapped up in one long, tidy winning stretch. They have accomplished such a task with grace, ball movement and rim bending dunks from a home boy named Carl Landry.
Barrack Obama won 11 primaries in a row (12 if you count Vermont), roughly one fourth of the entire primary process. Then, Hillary broke the streak with victories in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island. Now, the media has swung its pendulum back toward the former first lady. It's not unusual for the media to play king maker in political elections. Furthermore, these wannabes also change their minds from day to day.
I don't want to make a new narrative for the campaign because I have disdain for such behavior. Even so, there is a story to the past week.

Shillary decided to go damn near nuclear on Obama while he tried to stay above the fray. Have you ever tried to stay above the fray when someone was there to fight you? Who "won" the situation?
The American people like their politics much like they like their basketball: The sharks win. When MJ smelled blood, it was over. Same with Larry Bird and Bill Russell. Some players have it, and some don't. It's great to have finesse and elegance, but a soft ballplayer only goes so far.
If the Rockets want to keep winning, they have to be willing to have knock em down, drag em out brawls with the rest of the NBA.
If Obama wants to win the nomination, he has to show clinch. Scrap the soft shit. Hillary Clinton just said that you wouldn't know what to do if it came time to launch a nuclear weapon. She stopped you from receiving a single vote in Harlem. She says your health care plan is a failure. This woman is the easiest person in the world to make fun of, and you come with your nice guy bullshit?
Then again, it's understandable. Obama reached the upper echelons of the political universe by presenting himself as the new Martin Luther King crossed with the new JFK. Those guys were never exactly the mean son of a bitch attack dogs that was, say, Vice President George H. Bush under Zombie Reagan. If he talks off the kid gloves, the American people may see him as losing one of his only redeeming qualities, right?
Wrong. This is the classic case of the logical person assuming that the world thinks in a logical vain. That red phone ad and all of the other attacks made on Obama in the last week played on EMOTION. As sad as it sounds, and as much as it seems as though it should be an anachronism,
the American people are still buying into the foreign policy terror threat fear tactics of the most elitist politicians. Combine that idiotic political frame with the general dumbing down of the country, the obsession with tits, ass and blood on every talk show, reality show and contest from sea to shining sea. All matters, even the important ones, are sporting. Hillary is the one willing to punch and Obama is the sissy that won't stand up to a bully.
"An Era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted," said Arthur Miller. Well, Arthur, I guess we're still in the dark ages. Allow me to respond with Jimmy Cliff's "I want mines and I want it NOW!"
As for Barrack Obama, his winning recipe requires that he scrap part or all of what made him appealing in the first place. It's a shame, but his voters can only hold their breath and pray that he returns to his initial values when the bloodbath cruises to an end.


Postscript: I caucused last night. It was stupid, boring and hard for people to understand. I wound up in the crowded cafeteria of my old elementary school. We signed in with our name and candidate, then organized into groups. The votes were tallied. Then the precinct came together to discuss resolutions. We voted up almost all of them, with the exception of an Israel-Palestinian Resolution floated by Dennis Kucinich. A small Jewish pocket came out and knocked that one down with a quick speech. The whole process took two and a half hours. I am now and alternate delegate to the convention; How about that? I really would rather not go because I don't want to attend the one in Denver on my own dime, but I doubt I will have to attend.


Pulp said...

Quit stealing my meme! Oh, and how could you not want to go to the convention? If you do, you best be calling me. It'll be pure madness.

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