Monday, March 31, 2008

And With That, We're Off

For three innings, the Mets looked like they would be an easy target for masochist fans and ignorant talk radio hosts. Jose Reyes struck out on three pitches to open the game, Johan didn't strike out every batter, and the Mets' offensive superstar was Luis Castillo. Then the fourth inning happened, and what a glorious inning it was.

Ten batters and six runs later, the game was in hand and Met fans across the country could rest easy. Not that I was panicking. This season is gonna be crazy enough without finding artificial ways to raise my blood pressure. Opening Day is all about a recharging your faith, a renewal of vows between you and your team, unless you happen to be a Pirates fan. Sure New York was clammy and cold and rainy, and sure I was working outside in said conditions, but I got off of work just in time to get home, sit on the couch with my dad and my brother and crack a couple beers for Opening Day. What else can you ask for?

Our new ace pitching like one?
A dynamic and multifaceted offense?
The return of the prodigal son, Pagan?
You got it.
Sarah Larson?
Keep dreaming.


Rob said...


You're working?


Pulp said...

Not just one job, but two, and six days a week at that. Though one is an internship.