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Robin Morgan is a Savage Cunt... and I mean that in a Gender Neutral Way

Hello again folks! I know, I haven't shown my face in these parts for a damn long time. However, it seems like the season to make a return. Super Tuesday has ended and now, let Super Wednesday begin. It is, after all, my damn birthday. Let me get some face time.

Besides, I actually have something semi important to say, a rare occurrence in this day and age when it makes more sense to blow-hard or speak of the next trivial TV changes than to address something real. For further proof, flip on the news and play a drinking game. Everytime they mention Obama's spending advantage over Hillary Clinton, swig some Tussin. You'll be tripping until the general election.

What returns me to the board today is (quote Samuel L. Jackson's character Jules in Pulp Fiction) "what alcoholics refer to as a moment of clarity." That is to say, there has been nothing added to the political debate in a few hundred years.

Are you a Libertarian? Adam Smith isn't exactly new. A Communist? Marx has been dead longer than Rutherford B Hayes. Socialist? The Union fell, homey. A mushy middle of the road moderate Democrat or Republican? I don't think I really have to address how old hat that is at this point.

And finally, Feminism. Ah, Feminism. I used to argue about the idiocy of many Feminist ideological views back in DC with one of my roommates. She and I would argue over the merits of the words of Simone de Bouvier, the gender biases involved in a term such as "cunt" or "pussy", and the overall approach of most modern branches of Feminism. Aside from the issue of Rosanna (the pink robot in the original Transformers movie that totally sucks and embodies all negative qualities associated with females) we constantly disagreed.

Modern Feminism is a joke and it has no one to blame for that but itself. Note how NOW's most well known issue of the last decade was their protest of Augusta Golf Club's policy against allowing women to play. While women are being mutilated in Africa, the biggest women's rights group in America wants to play golf. Very effective.

So maybe there's another group out there willing to stand up and fill the void? Perhaps the Women's Media Center would like to take charge? Let's allow Robin Morgan the right to say a few words... And has been done in the past by my esteemed Colleague the Pulpinator, allow me to intersperse hers with a few of my own. I hesitated to even post her words because they are so downright irrational that they don't deserve press. However, her essay PERFECTLY embodies the redundant rehash of asinine and old hat political ideas that have screwed this country more times than an ovulating Anna Nicole Smith.

Goodbye To All That (#2) by Robin Morgan

February 2, 2008

“Goodbye To All That” was my (in)famous 1970 essay breaking free from a politics of accommodation especially affecting women (for an online version, see

During my decades in civil-rights, anti-war, and contemporary women’s movements, I’ve avoided writing another specific “Goodbye . . .” But not since the suffrage struggle have two communities—joint conscience-keepers of this country—been so set in competition, as the contest between Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) and Barack Obama (BO) unfurls. So.

Goodbye to the double standard . . .

—Hillary is too ballsy but too womanly, a Snow Maiden who’s emotional, and so much a politician as to be unfit for politics.

Ok, so we'll stick to just one attack. Shillary is a wooden, manipulative bitch who hasn't cried once in her political career until she reached the point that she might lose the Presidency. Then she turns on the water works. Anyone see Grindhouse? When Kurt Russell starts crying when the women are chasing him around? He's a mean sunuvabitch, a killer with no remorse until he fears for his own life, at which point he suddenly scraps the sociopathology and tears up. Welcome to the political version of a Tarantino movie.

—She’s “ambitious” but he shows “fire in the belly.” (Ever had labor pains?)

As if there's no difference between Obama and Shillary except for gender. Who's sexist now?

—When a sexist idiot screamed “Iron my shirt!” at HRC, it was considered amusing; if a racist idiot shouted “Shine my shoes!” at BO, it would’ve inspired hours of airtime and pages of newsprint analyzing our national dishonor.

Ok, so that was a sexist thing to say. And perhaps the media played up a double standard by refusing to cover it. Then again, isn't the real problem that the media beats us over the head by covering what one idiot says while every other idiot makes comments about it? Is this really a good reason to hold a political opinion?

Young political Kennedys—Kathleen, Kerry, and Bobby Jr.—all endorsed Hillary. Senator Ted, age 76, endorsed Obama. If the situation were reversed, pundits would snort “See? Ted and establishment types back her, but the forward-looking generation backs him.” (Personally, I’m unimpressed with Caroline’s longing for the Return of the Fathers. Unlike the rest of the world, Americans have short memories. Me, I still recall Marilyn Monroe’s suicide, and a dead girl named Mary Jo Kopechne in Chappaquiddick.)

The opinion of the Kennedys does and has always mattered too much in American politics. Even addressing the split in the Kennedys is a freaking joke. The fact is and remains that Hillary IS the establishment choice. She always was! She holds more of the Super delegates in this contest. In case you don't know about Super Delegates, they are voters in the convention who can make their own independent choice about who should be nominated. In other words, they are Federalists, wholly un-Democratic in nature, and a throwback to the era when the citizens were not allowed to vote. They are also resembling of the Chinese political system, in which Aristocrats are allowed to choose whoever to run the country. In China, this leads to a revolving door of the same old leaders. In America, it does the same. So Robin, we all appreciate your absurd induction based on the small example of the Kennedy family, but the big picture suggests that your candidate is the status quo.

Pre-emption: I don't even want to hear bullshit about Shillary was consistently the choice of the poor. You don't get bonus points because you have manipulated the uneducated or because John Edwards dropped from the race.

Goodbye to the toxic viciousness . . .

Or rather, "Hello"?

Carl Bernstein's disgust at Hillary’s “thick ankles.” Nixon-trickster Roger Stone’s new Hillary-hating 527 group, “Citizens United Not Timid” (check the capital letters). John McCain answering “How do we beat the bitch?" with “Excellent question!” Would he have dared reply similarly to “How do we beat the black bastard?” For shame.

Funny how the word "bitch" is a negative feminine word... And Shillary is a WOMAN! What the hell is sexist about using a bad word for a female to describe a bad female?!?! Meanwhile, the word "Asshole" is neutral, but only refers to men! Who cares?

The phrase "Bastard" is itself a negative word for a male. And if Obama had been called a "Bastard", it would have been linguistically equivalent to what was said of Shillary. But "Black Bastard" takes a neutral word (Black) and makes it a negative one. It would have been a more appropriate comparison if they had asked a Black conservative "How do we beat the White Bitch?" As it stands, this is just more hogwash.

Goodbye to the HRC nutcracker with metal spikes between splayed thighs. If it was a tap-dancing blackface doll, we would be righteously outraged—and they would not be selling it in airports. Shame.

So because Hillary hasn't been laid in a decade, we have a double standard. Ok. Great. I think Morgan's idea that she can live in a world without men is legitimate. Now she's out to kill humor too, though? Ever heard that the world needs laughter?

Goodbye to the most intimately violent T-shirts in election history, including one with the murderous slogan “If Only Hillary had married O.J. Instead!” Shame.

Goodbye to Comedy Central’s “Southpark” featuring a storyline in which terrorists secrete a bomb in HRC’s vagina. I refuse to wrench my brain down into the gutter far enough to find a race-based comparison. For shame.

Again, the humor thing. Goodbye to humor.

Goodbye to the sick, malicious idea that this is funny. This is not “Clinton hating,” not “Hillary hating.” This is sociopathic woman-hating. If it were about Jews, we would recognize it instantly as anti-Semitic propaganda; if about race, as KKK poison. Hell, PETA would go ballistic if such vomitous spew were directed at animals. Where is our sense of outrage—as citizens, voters, Americans?

I don't know... maybe it left when people like you started spitting bile in our face, you stupid bitch. Of wait, you don't like being called a bitch because it's sexist. How about, you stupid asshole?

Goodbye to the news-coverage target-practice . . .

The women’s movement and Media Matters wrung an apology from MSNBC’s Chris Matthews for relentless misogynistic comments ( But what about NBC’s Tim Russert’s continual sexist asides and his all-white-male panels pontificating on race and gender? Or CNN’s Tony Harris chuckling at “the chromosome thing” while interviewing a woman from The White House Project? And that’s not even mentioning Fox News.

Ok, I'm not out to defend the media. Watching Robin Morgan fight with Fox News is like watching the Paris Hilton and Michael Savage fight to the death. Enjoy!

Goodbye to pretending the black community is entirely male and all women are white . . .

Surprise! Women exist in all opinions, pigmentations, ethnicities, abilities, sexual preferences, and ages—not only African American and European American but Latina and Native American, Asian American and Pacific Islanders, Arab American and—hey, every group, because a group wouldn’t exist if we hadn’t given birth to it. A few non-racist countries may exist—but sexism is everywhere. No matter how many ways a woman breaks free from other discriminations, she remains a female human being in a world still so patriarchal that it’s the “norm.”

Ironic isn't it? She just labeled all nationalities as Sexist! Does that sound distinctly prejudiced to anyone else?

So why should all women not be as justly proud of our womanhood and the centuries, even millennia, of struggle that got us this far, as black Americans, women and men, are justly proud of their struggles?

Goodbye to a campaign where he has to pass as white (which whites—especially wealthy ones—adore), while she has to pass as male (which both men and women demanded of her, and then found unforgivable). If she were black or he were female we wouldn’t be having such problems, and I for one would be in heaven. But at present such a candidate wouldn’t stand a chance—even if she shared Condi Rice’s Bush-defending politics.

I thought we weren't racists anymore? What happened to the preceding paragraph? Anyway, this statement is historically inaccurate. Carol Moseley Braun didn't lose for being a Black female. She lost because she sucked and was a bad candidate with past corruption charges. Even so, not one person said anything about her race or her gender. Besides, Shirley Chisholm Jackson won second in New York THIRTY YEARS AGO!

I was celebrating the pivotal power at last focused on African American women deciding on which of two candidates to bestow their vote—until a number of Hillary-supporting black feminists told me they’re being called “race traitors.”

A number? You know, one is a "number." I suppose the pro-noun "they" does imply a plural. Still, this is the same list of individual cases pushed forward time and again throughout this so-called manifesto. This trend is so fucking obvious.

So goodbye to conversations about this nation’s deepest scar—slavery—which fail to acknowledge that labor- and sexual-slavery exist today in the U.S. and elsewhere on this planet, and the majority of those enslaved are women.

Not to change the subject or anything, right?

Women have endured sex/race/ethnic/religious hatred, rape and battery, invasion of spirit and flesh, forced pregnancy; being the majority of the poor, the illiterate, the disabled, of refugees, caregivers, the HIV/AIDS afflicted, the powerless. We have survived invisibility, ridicule, religious fundamentalisms, polygamy, teargas, forced feedings, jails, asylums, sati, purdah, female genital mutilation, witch burnings, stonings, and attempted gynocides. We have tried reason, persuasion, reassurances, and being extra-qualified, only to learn it never was about qualifications after all. We know that at this historical moment women experience the world differently from men—though not all the same as one another—and can govern differently, from Elizabeth Tudor to Michele Bachelet and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

So let's blame the Obama campaign for every anti-female motion in the history of mankind. Never mind that Queen Elzabeth I was the face of 1500s witch trials and that Reginald Scott, a man, was the first person to write anything vehemently AGAINST them. Never mind that this campaign is in AMERICA in 2008, not EVERYWHERE in EVERY MOMENT OF AMERICAN HISTORY. Barrack Obama obviously mutilated female genitalia and burned witches as Senator of Illinois. Oh, and Shillary? Yeah, her main issue on this campaign is obviously to end stonings, gynocide and polygamy. I mean, she mentioned that as a reason to go into Afghanistan, right? Oh wait... she didn't... maybe because SHILLARY HASN'T SUPPORTED A DAMN WORD YOU SAY PUBLICLY SINCE SHE WAS IN COLLEGE!

We remember when Shirley Chisholm and Patricia Schroeder ran for this high office and barely got past the gate—they showed too much passion, raised too little cash, were joke fodder. Goodbye to all that. (And goodbye to some feminists so famished for a female president they were even willing to abandon women’s rights in backing Elizabeth Dole.)

Now Elizabeth Dole was backed by Feminists. Ok. Let's revise some more history. Please. Tell us of how the Spartans won World War II.

Goodbye, goodbye to . . .

—blaming anything Bill Clinton does on Hillary (even including his womanizing like the Kennedy guys—though unlike them, he got reported on). Let’s get real. If he hadn’t campaigned strongly for her everyone would cluck over what that meant. Enough of Bill and Teddy Kennedy locking their alpha male horns while Hillary pays for it.

How's this for a double standard? There are Feminists galore out there that credit any good Shillary with any and all good that Bill accomplished. Furthermore, Shillary is usually attacked in this capacity by right wing talking heads, who are ever so unsurprisingly sexist and outside the mainstream to begin with, and who tend not to separate the Clintons but instead lump them.

—an era when parts of the populace feel so disaffected by politics that a comparative lack of knowledge, experience, and skill is actually seen as attractive, when celebrity-culture mania now infects our elections so that it’s “cooler” to glow with marquee charisma than to understand the vast global complexities of power on a nuclear, wounded planet.

Gee, I wonder what drove people away from politics? Could it have been shit like the hate speech provided in this letter?

—the notion that it’s fun to elect a handsome, cocky president who feels he can learn on the job, goodbye to George W. Bush and the destruction brought by his inexperience, ignorance, and arrogance.

He lost the popular vote and stole the election. And trust me, that notion is unfortunately still very much alive. Let me add...

-Hello, to the notion that it's fun to elect a smart but coercive woman who thinks that her bullshit policies have nothing to do with the effectiveness of her presidency because she wants the job so badly that she's willing to step over her mother to get into the White House.

Goodbye to the accusation that HRC acts “entitled” when she’s worked intensely at everything she’s done—including being a nose-to-the-grindstone, first-rate senator from my state.

Good luck to saying goodbye to that one. This wretched Senator did absolutely nothing when Iraq was bombed. She did absolutely nothing to stop the PATRIOT Act. She did absolutely nothing to stop most of the atrocities committed by the Bush Administration. She stood by the wayside and let others, such as the late Senator Paul Wellstone, take their chances while she stayed out of the fray because she was too gutless to say a word and because it might have hurt her career. How's that for reinforcing the stereotype prompted by the word "pussy"?

Goodbye to her being exploited as a Rorschach test by women who reduce her to a blank screen on which they project their own fears, failures, fantasies.

Goodbye to the phrase “polarizing figure” to describe someone who embodies the transitions women have made in the last century and are poised to make in this one. It was the women’s movement that quipped, “We are becoming the men we wanted to marry.” She heard us, and she has.

No... she's polarizing. She's even polarizing to Democrats. It's called a "fact." Half the country won't vote for her. They have said so. So there.

Goodbye to some women letting history pass by while wringing their hands, because Hillary isn’t as “likeable” as they’ve been warned they must be, or because she didn’t leave him, couldn’t “control” him, kept her family together and raised a smart, sane daughter. (Think of the blame if Chelsea had ever acted in the alcoholic, neurotic manner of the Bush twins!) Goodbye to some women pouting because she didn’t bake cookies or she did, sniping because she learned the rules and then bent or broke them. Grow the hell up. She is not running for Ms.-perfect-pure-queen-icon of the feminist movement. She’s running to be president of the United States.

And she would be an awful, awful President.

Goodbye to the shocking American ignorance of our own and other countries’ history. Margaret Thatcher and Golda Meir rose through party ranks and war, positioning themselves as proto-male leaders. Almost all other female heads of government so far have been related to men of power—granddaughters, daughters, sisters, wives, widows: Gandhi, Bandaranike, Bhutto, Aquino, Chamorro, Wazed, Macapagal-Arroyo, Johnson Sirleaf, Bachelet, Kirchner, and more. Even in our “land of opportunity,” it’s mostly the first pathway “in” permitted to women: Representatives Doris Matsui and Mary Bono and Sala Burton; Senator Jean Carnahan . . . far too many to list here.

And so has SHE! IF you think Shillary Shittin would be an ass sniff from the Presidency if she were not married to Bill, you're fucking nuts!

Goodbye to a misrepresented generational divide . . .

Goodbye to the so-called spontaneous “Obama Girl” flaunting her bikini-clad ass online—then confessing Oh yeah it wasn’t her idea after all, some guys got her to do it and dictated the clothes, which she said “made me feel like a dork.”

Goodbye to some young women eager to win male approval by showing they’re not feminists (at least not the kind who actually threaten thestatus quo), who can’t identify with a woman candidate because she is unafraid of eeueweeeu yucky power, who fear their boyfriends might look at them funny if they say something good about her. Goodbye to women of any age again feeling unworthy, sulking “what if she’s not electable?” or “maybe it’s post-feminism and whoooosh we’re already free.” Let a statement by the magnificent Harriet Tubman stand as reply. When asked how she managed to save hundreds of enslaved African Americans via the Underground Railroad during the Civil War, she replied bitterly, “I could have saved thousands—if only I’d been able to convince them they were slaves.”

Hello to endless political posturing not limited to but including taking the words or Harriet Tubman and ripping them so far out of context that Martin Luther King becomes the main proponent of Bill Clinton's policies and the replacement for Regis Philbin. Holy hell, have you ever seen such incredibly illogical and fallacious utilization of emotional appeal? This speech is everything that has ever been wrong with politicians in the history of the modern world!

I’d rather say a joyful Hello to all the glorious young women who do identifywith Hillary, and all the brave, smart men—of all ethnicities and any age—who get that it’s in their self-interest, too. She’s better qualified. (D’uh.) She’s a high-profile candidate with an enormous grasp of foreign- and domestic-policy nuance, dedication to detail, ability to absorb staggering insult and personal pain while retaining dignity, resolve, even humor, and keep on keeping on. (Also, yes, dammit, let’s hear it for her connections and funding and party-building background, too. Obama was awfully glad about those when she raised dough and campaigned for him to get to the Senate in the first place.)

I see. So this is clearly less about the sexism directed at Hillary clinton and more about your hatred and anger for Barrack Obama. Allow me to point out that Robin Morgan has now done more political posturing than anyone in this campaign this side of Mitt Romney. Hillary's grasp on issues is has less to do with their mechanics and more to do with their effectiveness in terms of votes. So instead of being "establishment", you just decided to call her "experienced." No, you bitch. Bill Clinton was "experienced." His wife is knee deep in the politicization of America. She's also knee deep in Bullshit.

I’d rather look forward to what a good president he might make in eight years, when his vision and spirit are seasoned by practical know-how—and he’ll be all of 54. Meanwhile, goodbye to turning him into a shining knight when actually he’s an astute, smooth pol with speechwriters who’ve worked with the Kennedys’ own speechwriter-courtier Ted Sorenson. If it’s only about ringing rhetoric, let speechwriters run. But isn’t it about getting the policies we want enacted?

Oh for crying out loud! Now we're slamming politicians for being self interested? And doing so hypocritically by excluding Shillary from the discussion? Where the fuck can I get the drugs this woman is taking?

And goodbye to the ageism . . .

Unless you're slamming John McCain, right?

How dare anyone unilaterally decide when to turn the page on history, papering over real inequities and suffering constituencies in the promise of a feel-good campaign? How dare anyone claim to unify while dividing, or think that to rouse U.S. youth from torpor it’s useful to triage the single largest demographic in this country’s history: the boomer generation—the majority of which is female?

Ok, that's great. Yes, let's unify the boomers. That ought to bring about great change in America. The fairweather citizens, the standard yokels with two car garages. Yes, that is what we want. Unify the suburbanites because they are clearly representative of all, since they are the majority. This country is not run on majority rule because... well, because there were some assholes in the origination of the country, but that's besides the point. If this country WERE run by majority, we would have every Shillary supporter running around bashing people over the head with the power of a pluralistic stick. Frankly, the rest of this country is tired of taking orders from Baby Boomers, Middle America, the Beltway, and every other old Hat constituency. Unification is about representation across the board, not representation of the BIGGEST group. Oh, and by the way, the hatred and bitterness in this piece for Barrack Obama is about as racist as you claim the country is sexist.

Old woman are the one group that doesn’t grow more conservative with age—and we are the generation of radicals who said “Well-behaved women seldom make history.” Goodbye to going gently into any goodnight any man prescribes for us. We are the women who changed the reality of the United States. And though we never went away, brace yourselves: we’re back!

I thought you never left? Besides, what the hell is so inherently wonderful about remaining liberal with age? I can understand there are positives to it, but you can't just write that without accenting them.

We are the women who brought this country equal credit, better pay, affirmative action, the concept of a family-focused workplace; the women who established rape-crisis centers and battery shelters, marital-rape and date-rape laws; the women who defended lesbian custody rights, who fought for prison reform, founded the peace and environmental movements; who insisted that medical research include female anatomy; who inspired men to become more nurturing parents; who created women’s studies and Title IX so we all could cheer the WNBA stars and Mia Hamm. We are the women who reclaimed sexuality from violent pornography, who put childcare on the national agenda, who transformed demographics, artistic expression, language itself. We are the women who forged a worldwide movement. We are the proud successors of women who, though it took more than 50 years, won us the vote.

Who's taking credit for shit without giving other people their due now? How about if I credit men with the creation of the NBA? That would be pretty fucking discriminatory, would it not?

We are the women who now comprise the majority of U.S. voters.

So you get to take credit for the numbers represented by all those women you just slammed for turning their backs in your candidate?

Hillary said she found her own voice in New Hampshire. There’s not a woman alive who, if she’s honest, doesn’t recognize what she means. Then HRC got drowned out by campaign experts, Bill, and media’s obsession with everything Bill.

1) If she wants to divorce Bill, she should. It's not your decision to make. I can't believe, after all you just said, that this needs to be explained to you.

2) If every woman on Earth honestly understands what a statement as abstract as "found my voice" means, then why aren't they all running to the polls to vote for her? I'll tell you why. Because what you just said makes about as much sense as the phrase "Love and Freedom are great." It has zero substance. Dig a whole, and crawl in.

So listen to her voice:

“For too long, the history of women has been a history of silence. Even today, there are those who are trying to silence our words.

“It is a violation of human rights when babies are denied food, or drowned, or suffocated, or their spines broken, simply because they are born girls. It is a violation of human rights when woman and girls are sold into the slavery of prostitution. It is a violation of human rights when women are doused with gasoline, set on fire and burned to death because their marriage dowries are deemed too small. It is a violation of human rights when individual women are raped in their own communities and when thousands of women are subjected to rape as a tactic or prize of war. It is a violation of human rights when a leading cause of death worldwide along women ages 14 to 44 is the violence they are subjected to in their own homes. It is a violation of human rights when women are denied the right to plan their own families, and that includes being forced to have abortions or being sterilized against their will.

“Women’s rights are human rights. Among those rights are the right to speak freely—and the right to be heard.”

That was Hillary Rodham Clinton defying the U.S. State Department and the Chinese Government at the 1995 UN World Conference on Women in Beijing (look here for the full, stunning speech).

Was that before or after she backed her husband's decision to offer the Chinese most favored trade status?

Whoops, I walked into your trap there. I shouldn't be blaming Shillary for shit that Bill said. Especially when she has done so much to slam the door on China's horrific, fascist, pseudo-Communist policies over her time as Senator. Oh wait, she hasn't said jack shit. Has Shillary even passed a single negative resolution regarding China, much less authored original legislation that puts a halt on their corruption? Yeah, I didn't think so.

And this voice, age 21, in “Commencement Remarks of Hillary D. Rodham, President of Wellesley College Government Association, Class of 1969.”

“We are, all of us, exploring a world none of us understands. . . . searching for a more immediate, ecstatic, and penetrating mode of living. . . . [for the] integrity, the courage to be whole, living in relation to one another in the full poetry of existence. The struggle for an integrated life existing in an atmosphere of communal trust and respect is one with desperately important political and social consequences. . . . Fear is always with us, but we just don't have time for it.”

This was right around the time she was backing Nelson Rockefeller, right?

She ended with the commitment “to practice, with all the skill of our being: the art of making possible.”

And for decades, she’s been learning how.

"How" is important, but so is "What." It's not really so wonderful that she learned how to become President but refuses to stand up for anyone.

So goodbye to Hillary’s second-guessing herself. The real question is deeper than her re-finding her voice. Can we women find ours? Can we do this for ourselves?

And hopefully, goodbye to her political career.

Our President, Ourselves!

Time is short and the contest tightening. We need to rise in furious energy—as we did when Anita Hill was so vilely treated in the U.S. Senate, as we did when Rosie Jiminez was butchered by an illegal abortion, as we did and do for women globally who are condemned for trying to break through. We need to win, this time. Goodbye to supporting HRC tepidly, with ambivalent caveats and apologetic smiles. Time to volunteer, make phone calls, send emails, donate money, argue, rally, march, shout, vote.

What's this "we" shit, pale face? Plenty of women don't agree with you, and you're not winning any men either. Besides, you already kicked every one but the female baby boomers out the door.

Me? I support Hillary Rodham because she’s the best qualified of all candidates running in both parties. I support her because her progressive politics are as strong as her proven ability to withstand what will be a massive right-wing assault in the general election.

How is this proven exactly? When was Shillary ever in a general election before? Winning in New York does not count, by the way. Especially against the likes of Rick Lazio.

I support her because she knows how to get us out of Iraq.

Yeah... By reversing the same path she took to get help get us in...

I support her because she’s refreshingly thoughtful, and I’m bloodied from eight years of a jolly “uniter” with ejaculatory politics.

HA! Ejaculatory Politics? You don't think there's gender in that statement?

I needn’t agree with her on every point. I agree with the 97 percent of her positions that are identical with Obama’s—and the few where hers are both more practical and to the left of his (like health care). I support her because she’s already smashed the first-lady stereotype and made history as a fine senator, because I believe she will continue to make history not only as the first US woman president, but as a great US president.

As for the “woman thing”?

Me, I’m voting for Hillary not because she’s a woman—but because I am.

And my vote has nothing to do with Gender. FUCK-YOU!

And so it continues.


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