Saturday, December 1, 2007

The People Of Utah Are Not As Forgiving As You Would Imagine

Red State Blue State is about as cliched as jokes about Bill Clinton's marital infidelities, but that doesn't mean the wounds are still there. Particularly the idea that red state citizens care infinitely more about family and togetherness and all that bullshit than their Blue State counterparts.

Well this New Yorker will has to give it to the people of Utah. Because if the showing of the religious, tolerant people of that reddest of Red States is any indication, we're not so different after all. Why else would they boo the shit out of Derek Fisher, who took a smaller contract to live in a city that could better cater to his daughter's medical needs? The same Derek Fisher who came back to play with the team in their second round defeat of the dangerous Golden State Warriors in last year's playoffs. The same Derek Fisher whose daughter has a rare form of cancer.

Maybe next time Utah will pay more attention to medical science than faith healing. Until then, I suppose they can show their class in booing the father of a young cancer patient.

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Annie said...

What?! You mean the angel with the golden tablets didn't tell Brigham Young that winning trumped family values? I thought that ranked right up there with there Playboy mansion version of heaven.