Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mitt Romney Is Full Of Shit

Four years of a political science education should allow me to go deeper into the presidential election than this, but that would have meant paying attention those four years. Instead, I am going to point out one desperate grab to look normal that Mitt Romney executed at the end of the latest CNN/YouTube debacle.

Some putz asked Rudy how he can justify his rooting for the Red Sox in the series this year. Rudy went with his incredible, "I'm an AL fan" response, and then for shits and giggles I guess, Anderson Cooper asked Greasebot to chime in. Mitt said he and his family suffered the long 87 years between Red Sox championships just like any other fan.

Sure it makes sense for the former governor of Massachusetts to claim that. Except that greasy fucking robot and his wife didn't move to Boston until 1971, when they were 24 and 22 respectively. In fact, they were both born in Michigan. Wassamatta Mitt, ashamed of the Tigers? Not to mention, the correct thing to point out now is that Boston is about as much of a baseball dynasty as the 21st Century has had to offer so far. Between him and Rudy, the Red Sox sure got some bullshit fans.

Also, fuck Anderson Cooper for picking that question that let Greasebot and Rudy seem vaguely human.

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Annie said...

C,mon. Give the lying, pandering politico a break, will ya?