Thursday, November 29, 2007

It Only Makese Sense Until You Stop To Think About It

Over at Deadspin, Will Leitch is clucking that the lazy sports reporters over at his old paper, the Daily Illini are too busy posting drunk athlete photos. Hey, good for him, he's worried about the youth.

Then some part of your brain perks up. "Hey," it says, "isn't Deadspin that blog that got famous for posting embarrassing stories about Chris Berman and drunk pictures of every athlete in America?" You think about this and you say, "Good catch brain. I wonder what the fuck is up with that bitchy post then."

Also not to missed today on Deadspin is the news that transsexual beauty pageants are a "vivid reminder of why America is so hated." Will, please oh please leave political punditry to the professionals.

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Ush said...

Yea Deadspin! Leading the change in sports journalism!