Friday, October 5, 2007

The Election is Absolutely Not a Giant Charade

Campaign media must be bored already, because they're already making up the stupidest fucking questions of all time. Yes, let's worry about flag lapel pins intrepid reporter from Cedar Rapids. But we can't forget the Associated Press for making a story out of the interview, and then the Obama camp for responding to it so as not to appear unpatriotic. Oh yeah, and then let's be sure to ask John Edwards about it. I mean hell, it's not like there are any other problems in America.


Annie said...

Well, you don't want the American people overwhelmed with issues, do you? There's the custody of the poor Federline boys to worry about and the new fall television line up to sort through after all.

I admit though it's a bit early for the campaign to go trivial (that is if you believe it was really about issues in the first place). Lapel pins? So that's the secret to successfully subjugating the masses? The Hardball guy was wrong? Jon Stewart should be even more worried.

Daniel said...

This Election is getting plenty of news considering it's already over.

Hail the revival of the monarchy.