Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Attention TBS

I will not watch Frank TV. Never ever ever. I won't even go look up to see if it's a sketch comedy show or some kind of insane sitcom that takes place in the schizophrenic mind of Frank...uh...whatever his name is. I don't know who told you that viewers enjoy the same commercials between every inning of a baseball game, but they were wrong.

I know, I know. You have the charts and the marketing experts and the voodoo priests. But only the dumbest mouth breathers on planet could respond positively to the advertising barrage you've unleashed on us. And yes, so many people watch Mind of Mencia that Carlos the Jackal is now getting movie roles, so there are certainly a ton of stupid people with access to television. But the kind of stupid that would agree to watch Frank TV now is a minority even within that group.

At this point, every time either Dane Cook or Frank comes on my television, I imagine the two oft hem being forced to fight in a fiery pit. The winner gets to live for another five minutes before being torn apart by the dogs of Hell. So please, call off the blitz, I'm begging you.


Slammnardo said...

I made a comment last night that this show must be the best thing TBS has going for it if they're hard selling it so much during their biggest programing period ever, which should tell you something about the state of TBS programming.

Stick to Seinfeld reruns.

Annie said...

Good for you! Didn't even give them a link. Bravo.