Sunday, September 16, 2007

Assorted Thoughts From a Too Long Sunday

  • Looking back on it, the best news all day for me came literally two minutes before I woke up when my boss called and left me a message informing me I wouldn't have to work. Makes one realize just how unexceptional a day can be.
  • Between Guillermo Mota and Justin McCareins fucking up everything when I was watching sports, I've just about had it with the letter M. The only things keeping it in my good graces right now are Pedro Martinez and Matt Taibbi.
  • I found it odd to be rooting for an individual named Clemens. However, considering the way Kellen Clemens was slinging the ball around the field in the fourth quarter, I see a bright future for the Jets. My only question is, was that legitimate domination or taking advantage of a lazy Ravens defense that had a 17 point fourth quarter lead? If it was the former, Chad Pennington better watch his ass.
  • Glad to see fascism is alive and well in the NFL. Just when we all thought Der Komissar had gone soft on Darth Belichick, he demands New England hand over every single piece of information relating to the Patriots in-house discussion of the taping. It's your move Kraftman.
  • I may find Roger Clemens and Curt Schilling loathsome individuals, but those two old farts can really provide an evening of fine pitching.