Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Your Apocalypse Forecast

Forecast: Warm, with a mild chance of brain melting agony.

Why oh why can we never learn the limits of our power? With hands firmly ensconced in hornet nests already, we seem to be going for the headbutt now. Ever seen a guy with hornet nests on his hands and one stuck on his head? It's funny stuff.

Guh, I can barely register my outrage about this because it makes me so goddamn crazy. And I haven't even said what it is yet. It, is our possible decision to label Iran's Revolutionary Guard is a terrorist organization. Oh lordy lordy, where are those black stereotypes from Weeds to make me feel better now?

Have we done this before? Has anyone ever up and decided that the armed forces of a sovereign nation is a terrorist entity? I understand the idea of charging a state with sponsoring terrorism, but this seems to be going too far to me. If we fought a war with Iran, would we declare that their soldiers aren't subject to the Geneva Conventions? Will 80 percent of the American people decide that since the President said these people are terrorists than they must be? When will this war with Iran start so that I can finally stop worrying about the consequences of my actions.

You know it and I know it: George Bush will be the end of us.


cherie said...

Seriously? A terrorist agency?

Given the relative apathy of the American eletorate (and the fact they will be too busy dealing with the recession their credit addiction and poor knowledge of mortgage options has caused), Cheny....I mean Bush will have no trouble declaring martial law, drafting all the highs school drop-outs NCLB has provided him with and putting off the '08 elections until the wars are over.

I am glad I am living in Canada now.

Slammnardo said...

The reason we're trying to identify this group as a terrorist organization is because of the recent executive order that gives the president the right to freeze assets of those groups deemed as aiding or engaging in violence/destabilization in Iraq. This way we can engage in economic blacklisting that goes even further than sanctions and circumvents UN involvement.

First step was the E.O., second is to identify and label the Iranian Revolution Guard as a destabilizing force in Iraq, third is to freeze their assets and cut off any funding to Iran we can control. If you're interested I'll get the number of the EO for you, it's a pretty sweeping enhancement of powers that went relatively unnoticed.