Friday, August 3, 2007

Michael Savage Lives in Fear of Democrats and Other Mythical Creatures

Honestly, when you change your name to Michael Savage and build a career on being a right wing tough guy radio voice, how the hell do you expect anyone to take you seriously when you suggest that the Democratic Party is capable of knocking off the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? Everyone, especially right wingers, know that the Democratic Party is and has been in shambles for years now. All of a sudden they're taking tips from the Mossad or something?

To wit, in a long and strange diatribe, Senor Savage drew parallels between murdered something or other Alexander Litvinenko and the fact that John Roberts had a seizure. Because that would allow the Democrats to make the Supreme Court a "communist socialist court". I myself have never met a communist socialist, so I don't know how afraid I should be of that kind of court.

According to MediaMatters, Savage gets 8 million listeners a day. However, if these listeners are really that afraid of the Democratic Party, they must be more out of touch than I thought. They aren't just waiting for King George to come back and try to reclaim America, they obviously also live in fear of the Kaiser and Commie Joe himself. Certainly these are 8 million people I do not worry about.


The Blonde Menace said...

How random, earlier today a friend of mine sent me an email with some link about how Savage and his son own that Rockstar drink they were giving out free samples of at Rock the Bells.

"Fascism Cola" hahahaha

cherie said...

Democrats can cause seizures now, eh? Like Republican presidents can make bridges in Minnesota collaspe by forcing Congress to underfund federal transportation budgets? Oh wait, that kinda happened, didn't it?

Pulp said...

Hey look, I'd be perfectly willing to believe the Democratic Party wants to kill John Roberts. But no one in that Party comes even close to being intimidating. The Republican Party makes no bones about its contempt for anything funded by our taxes, short of missile defense and the M1 Abrams Tank of course.