Friday, August 10, 2007

In Which We Learn the Inner Thoughts of a Nickelback Fan That Is Not Kyle Farnsworth

I don't know why I read comments on articles online. Sometimes they're funny (calling Pete Wentz "rape baby") or thoughtful ( nothing). But for the most part, message boards, comments on well known blogs and any other ways to let people let their voice be heard on the internet just doesn't work. I gotta give it up to the guys at SomethingAwful who somehow wade through message boards every week. If my job involved checking in on pedophile message boards every other month, I'd probably start learning how to build bombs. But today I believe we have found the greatest comment of all time. I petition the internet to never allow a comment again.

Whole post here, related funnies here.

1 comment:

Epidimos said...

I would like to make an official announcement: I quit the internet.