Friday, August 10, 2007

DC Metro

So at long last I have finally figured out the DC Metro: During rush hour, if a train is not close to being filled, metro will shut down that train and just send it on its way to the end of the line, so as to save money by not stopping at each station and by not having passengers weigh it down. Pretty genius, until you realize that WMATA is continuously over its budget year after year.

So where is all that saved money going?
Probably Metro Director gambling debts and the usual hooker expenses.

Where should that money be going?
Animatronic hippoes, a la The Rainforest Cafe, to allow for the random drunk hooligan to run and jump on them unsuspectingly at the urging of equally irresponsible friends.


Pulp said...

And you still can't eat or drink on the train.

Epidimos said...

speak for yourself.