Monday, July 2, 2007

The Spree Are The Truth

Yes that's a terrible photograph, but if you don't come here for the poor photography, what do you come here for? Incisive political coverage and hilarious banner ads? Oh, really, you do? Sorry, that's Newsmax.

Anyway, why weren't you at the Polyphonic Spree show at the Warsaw? Job? Out of town? Broke? Quit your job, jack a car, rob a liquor store next time. Because you missed a band that demolished my ability to ever enjoy another live concert. Unless I get seven song encores and history lessons on the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (They don't know why it sank) I will feel cheated. Not willing to meet your fans at a bar after the show, even though it's 1 in the morning and you've gotta drive to Boston? Then you obviously don't care about us. Musicians, you're all on notice.

The show itself is a spectacle. 24 people take the stage wearing the same creepy Army uniform and they get very very loud. I'm sure you all know that. In fact, when I mentioned being at the show to one of the interns at my office, his response was "Don't they have like fifty people?" Yes, so you all know about the numbers and the uniforms. But what you might not know is that it all blends together to create a beautiful sound that takes the crowd away with it. Urgent and melodic and playful, the Spree put on the kind of live show that you never want to leave. Sunday night somehow becomes Saturday night and you don't really care how. But if Tim says it it must be true.

My Dad always talks about how he feels like a Grateful Dead show is like church to him. I kind of understood what he means, because I've seen all the people around me at Dead shows looking ecstatic. Me? I've kind of sort of lost myself at shows, but even drunk high or on LSD I never completely could describe a concert as anything close to a religious experience from the beginning of a set until the end. I hadn't anyway until this show. A show like this encourages you to sing along as loud as you can, reach ever upward for that sun somewhere and generally act like you've found God. No ego no self-consciousness no embarrassment, just you the Spree and 800 of your new best friends that are as excited to be alive at that moment as you are.

And that Tim DeLaughter, such a fine young man.

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Epidimos said...

I now want to go to a Spree show. And smoke a bowl with your pops.