Thursday, July 5, 2007

Coors Light Cold Blast Dose of Reality

A little synergy there for you, just a little something to get the advertising dollars flowing in so we can all start living the blogger highlife of cocaine and groupies and handguns. That sure as hell beats the not-too-surprising revelation that my beloved Metropolitans are not a championship team.

Blasphemy? Pish posh? Ferffle krackle? Say all the funny sounding words you want Met faithful, but when you look in your heart, you know it's true. It's painful, especially in light of the stupid motto for the team ("Your Year Has Come"), but I just don't see how anyone can imagine this team has what it takes to win a World Series this year. Forget the sweep in Colorado, in their past 31 games the Mets are 12-19, a record only matched by the Montreal Expos in that same time frame.

This is a talented team, yes. But it's also an inconsistent team. Tom Glavine is pitching the way stupid Baseball Prospectus said he would (4.00+ ERA) and both Carloses can't seem to find a solid month long groove. Throw in Shawn Green's magic aging act since he got off the DL and Moises Alou seemingly being kidnapped by gangsters and there's nothing much going on in the corner outfield positions.

All is not lost though. While the Mets aren't a World Series team, either were last year's Cardinals. I still think the Mets are a playoff team, especially in light of Philadelphia's pitching foibles and Atlanta's inability to not trip over their own feet and once a team is in the playoffs anything can happen. But I think until the Mets clinch a playoff spot, we as fans should pull back our expectations a little bit and look more to the future.

Twiddle-spat? Raddle-dinkum? Blreghfei-yaddledee? Maybe it is. I just hope I'm wrong and we can have a good laugh about this in October.

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Slammnardo said...

The Mets still have potential to run deep in the playoffs and possibly even win them, but, and I know you hate to hear this, just wait until next year. Next year is the season, with Pedro back/healthy ideally, Duaner Sanchez possibly back in the mix, and your pick of the free agent pitching market, you'll have a way more improved team.