Monday, June 25, 2007

Stop...Just Stop

I just can't deal anymore. Is there anyone in higher office out there willing to take responsibility for anything at all? Other than a strong economy or winning a war I mean. I'm sorry that this is getting all whiny and emo already, but I just don't know what to do anymore.

Christie Todd Whitman and Rudy Giuliani are sniping at each other for the air quality problems in Lower Manhattan and Ground Zero that came out as a result of 9/11. I know, what a shock, two huge fucking buildings fall down, spraying their debris and debris from the airplanes that hit them everywhere, and somehow dangerous levels of mercury, asbestos and PCBs get in the air.

Though if you asked George Bush, Rudy or Christie, they would have told you that you were nuts, that there's no such thing as air pollution and that you've gotta get down there, shop and take big, freedom filled gulps of air. So the rescue workers went in there with no respirators, putting their lives at even greater risk, and we all showed up to support them and stare at it all wondering if it was real. I was one of those people. I still remember when I went with my father, in December I think, down to Ground Zero. From blocks away in the subway station you could smell it. It smelled like death and twisted metal and it looked like too. The skin of the towers was still standing somehow, defiant to the end despite the fires raging underneath them. Now people are dead and dying and this issue is somehow a game of fucking political football.

People are dead and dying merely because they did their job, because the people who were supposed to be there to protect them were too macho or too incompetent to admit that a little extra safety gear and a smidgen of precaution wouldn't make us look weak. And instead of owning up, we get sniping, backpedaling and denials.

I don't want to hear anymore lectures on responsibility from governmental leaders anymore, ever. How do these people raise their children? How is this country still standing for that matter? Sometimes I think we're just a perpetual motion machine, that a monkey could run the country, because it obviously doesn't matter who's running it.

I shouldn't be surprised though, and I guess I'm a little disappointed in myself that I care about this. Tex, Ush, why did we become poli-sci majors? We were already cynics when we started, and four years of education in our field only confirmed that we weren't gonna change anything. Yet somehow I sit here on the city payroll, with a job designed to do one thing: make my boss look good at all costs. Boffo for me.

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