Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I Read the News Today

Oh Boy.

You see, it's been a while since I've looked into the political world. The Status Quo dictates that we peer at things through a looking glass and wave a banner in hopes that it drives this mass of crazed morons to overrun the robot-filled suit of every hardened criminal company inside of the D.C. limits.

Of central interest today on MSNBC was a vote to change the didey of the Attorney General... err, Rather, hold a vote about whether or not we are confident in him.

Whatever the hell that means. "Confident." Between the obvious partisan split that was to take place and lack of punch and votes provided in the gesture, this could be swept aside as meaningless without the gravy of the problem by which it is surrounded.

This society is politically stupid. It's been said before and played too many times but it's still as right as ever. Try an experiment today and take a poll of some of the people around you to get a figure on the name recognition of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Gonzalez is far from a President but he is in the Top Ten in the line of Presidential Succession and actually has a cabinet position that is supposed to attend to real duties and responsibilities.

The Democrats are calling out Gonzales for hiring people because of political leanings, as if the Democrats don't hire people for political leanings. The Republicans keep standing up and wasting time talking about how they should be talking about something else. Alberto Gonzales and George Bush shoot America four fat middle fingers. We're not paying attention to anything but the NBA Finals, the Sopranos fallout, the latest dreck from Fox and where we will indulge in beer, BBQ and titties next month on the fourth.

The open question: Don't we have a war to worry about here? Can't society burn more steam than merely hanging a sign on a freeway here or there or attend a rally for a major organization that supports horrible terrorists in other parts of the world? ANSWR practically supported the genocide in Kosovo! Do I have to be a socialist to protest? Is there another way to protest altogether?

Draw war on a couple of stop signs. Send in the letters, as trivial as they seem. Send so many that the pile the office your damn congressman and drown it in its own creation. Logos loses most battles because the smart people sit out from hopelessness. Who can blame?

And yet this is still actually a pivotal time in US history to put together a sane and rational opposition and deconstruction of the war. I realize there is an anti-war movement but it hardly appears to be constructed. Everybody get on a soapbox grandstand and cross your fingers.


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I'll be hunting for snapper in Long Beach, as is my people's custom during the Fourth. You?