Friday, June 29, 2007

Draft Props

Got to give some props to Mr. Isiah. I liked the trade of Frye and Steve Francis for Zack Randolph. Stevie was a mess in NY, and it wasn't going to get any better. Frye, while a good big-man prospect, was not going to play over David Lee and Eddie Curry. Now the Knicks have Randolph and Curry, along with Lee for potentially the best big man rotation in the East. Portland did okay in the deal as well. Fyre is a nice prospect, and along with Aldridge and Oden, form a very potent rotation for future. Hopefully Stevie Franchise will negotiate a buy-out, and try to restart his career. Maybe a certain franchise in Houston that needs a point guard might be interested? Hmmmmm? Dan? Thoughts?

I loved the Sacramento Kings pick, because slow big white centers who don't rebound well always succeed in NBA. Seriously, from choosing a coach who's previously experience was as the coach of a decent college team in mediocre conference, to drafting Spencer Hawes, to the continuing mess of Bibby and Artest, assures me that the Kings will not be much competition in the West for at least a little while. That Damn you East Coast Conference!

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Apartment 618 said...

Thoughts on Stevie's return to Houston? I think they should pay me $10/hr. to suit up instead.