Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Different Day, Different Story

On one day, two baseball fans go to a game featuring a lopsided pitching matchup and weak offensive output by the beloved home team, resulting in a flat game and the prospect of a loss. Despite this, a jovial evening occurs, as both fans know how to entertain themselves at a live baseball game due to their long friendship and similar sense of humor. Still, after witnessing a dramatic ninth inning comeback, followed by a sage quote on baseball from one fan's father, it seemed as if everything would be alright. This would prove false starting with the first batter of the top of the 11th.

On another day, a solitary baseball fan sits in his apartment on a muggy summer night. No cable, no fan or air conditioner and barely any food in the kitchen, he finds himself alone save for the radio and his scattered thoughts. Seeking to fill them, he half listens to the game and half listlessly drifts through the internet. He notices the same lopsided pitching matchup and weak offensive output, though in this case the home team's ineptitude is outmatched only by the ineptitude of the hated visitors. As opposed to the jovial nature of the live game, the atmosphere in the apartment is stifling and determinedly not funny. It's hot. Things do not seem like they will be alright. Yet in this case, Mother Nature intervenes and saves the fan from the possible blown lead and teeth gnashing that would follow.

Baseball should always be so kind as to reassure after cruelly reinforcing its tricky nature. This, I suppose is what separates being a fan of team like the 2007 Metropolitans and the 2007 Pirates for example or the Orioles. Each day, fans of those teams live under the impression that things will always get worse, no matter what their attitude is. I don't mean to denigrate these fans. Any Met fan in the 1990s or between 2002 and 2004 knows of the march of no hope. Fortunately this year for Mets fans, or team does not seem keen on piling on to whatever worries we have, even if we aren't always rewarded for being True Believers.

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Bushido Brown said...

It was the race war...Ricky Lede took second was defensive indifference...everyone knows what happened next...