Sunday, June 3, 2007

A Better Brand of Baseball

I was watching Fox's pre-game show yesterday afternoon when they threw up a graphic on the screen that the Diamondbacks were 17-7 since some date or other. This is a statistic that many people like to use to prove that...I don't really know. Unless it's stretched out over a long course of time, like the annual summer ritual of the A's not losing or the ridiculous Astros run in 2005, these statistics measure what is typically a fraction of a baseball season to I guess make a team look better than it is or to show that a player is en fuego. Of course, for all of their hot play, the D-Backs are currently 34-24, which means they were 17-17 before that. Not that I mean to disparage the Diamondbacks, who took a series from the Mets this afternoon.

But I wondered to myself why I never see the Mets propped up on one of those stupid stats explaining that since Jupiter crossed with Pluto, the team was 24-6. I do after all, enjoy nice things being said about the Mets. Then I used my brain and looked through the Mets schedule and discovered something fantastic.

The Mets have played 19 series so far this year. Out of those 19 series, they've won 13, lost 5 and tied 1. They haven't been swept all year, and their longest losing streak has been 2 games. Out all the first place teams right now, only the Red Sox and Padres haven't been swept in a series, and the Padres have had two 3 game losing streaks. No wonder the Mets never show up on these things. They just play amazingly consistent baseball. There are no desperate wild stretches where things seem to be dropping right and they're just pulling through. No, this team just goes about its business of winning quietly and efficiently. It's more news now when the Mets don't win. So really, it's alright with me that they lost this series, because this year, when we say they'll get 'em tomorrow, it's almost always true.

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Bushido Brown said...

this post did not jinx the mets in the slightest...not at all...