Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We Came for Lincecum's Lunch Money, We Left with Benitez's Pride

So, with the win safely in hand, let me give my compliments to the incredible Tim Lincecum. He's gonna start getting those "teeny tiny man play good baseball" stories that these guys just love. But unlike David Eckstein, Lincecum looks like he's about to earn all that press. That being said, he's terrifying and I never wanna see him in Shea Stadium again unless he's wearing a Met uniform.

I had the option of listening to this game or watching it on the radio, and the pitching matchup won me over. Who could possibly miss the match up of the flame throwing lefty with the nasty slider against the flame throwing righty with the wacky delivery? And the pitching did not disappoint in the least. Lincecum wins in game score I suppose (64-63), but really, the winner was us, the fans. Oliver Perez if he hasn't already, is quickly becoming The Pitcher To See at Shea. If not for his performances, then just for the pitchers he's matched and/or vanquished: Chris Capuano, Andy Pettite and Tim Lincecum were his last three opponents at home.

The other noteworthy occasion didn't come along until the bottom of the 12th, where Armando Benitez came in to get bitch slapped for his 2004 pwnage of the Mets. Now, when one is a relief pitcher, the saying goes, "Never walk the lead off man." Of course, usually it isn't supposed to lead to two balks and a walk off homer. But I guess when Armando Benitez is pitching, just about any crazy thing can happen. Now Ush, if you want to say either of those balks are bullshit, I will not begrudge you that. Because I didn't really get it either. But on a night when Aaron freakin Hill steals home plate, I guess weird shit is bound to happen.

Oh, and a just plan mean post-script: Matt Yaaloff, during the post-game highlights said of Russ Ortiz, "Look at how this guy has fallen, exiled to the Giants bullpen." Yikes. Is it really that bad in there Ush?

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Ush said...

The Giants bullpen is better then I thought it might be in the beginning of the season, but then again I thought that it might be the worst bullpen in the MLB. I didn't like the first balk call; it did look like he flinched on the second.

Either way, why the fuck would you walk Reyes to open the inning, and why would you care if Reyes is bluffing to home? If Benitez really was worried about Reyes stealing home, then he shouldn't be a closer...wait a second. He shouldn't be a closer!

Anyway, Lincecum showed why he and Matt Cain are the foundation for the Giants over the next decade. Randy Winn continues to over-excel (we'll see if he can do this for an entire season), and the Giants continue to make their push towards complete mediocrity.