Thursday, May 17, 2007

Today Was (Supposed to Be) A Bad Day

I woke up late today. After I woke up late, one of my roommates informed me that we had no hot water. "Fine," I thought. "A cold shower first thing in the morning will wake me right up." Or not. I washed whatever I could stand to keep in the water and stumbled out of the shower feeling somehow less clean. The off to work. And it was colder outside than yesterday.

Now, my job is two subway stops away from me. It's an 8 minute ride. Somehow, between stop one and stop two, I zoned out completely. Didn't notice that the station was Yankee Stadium. Didn't hear the conductor say it. I snapped back to reality just in time to realize there was nothing I could do but get off at 167th Street and walk. Then I got out of the subway and walked two blocks in the wrong direction.

So I got to work even later than usual. But then I found Met tickets on my chair. "Hmm, normally when I come to work, there are no Met tickets. What could this be?" Turns out my boss had the tickets as some sort of group that was going to the game, and they didn't want to sit out last night's rain delay. So, he gave me the tickets to redeem, because he knew I was a big Met fan. Hooray for me.

I guess it was that kind of day for the Mets too. They may have been playing their "A-minus" lineup, but it just didn't seem like they were interested in winning the game. Julio Franco at third base? Shawn Green hitting third? Ruben Gotay and David Newhan the Jewhan as our double play combo? Well, I guess after last night's rain delay madness, it was fine.

The Jason Vargas era got off to an inauspicious debut, after looking like it be put in the books as a solid debut. But, two two-run homers in the 6th inning will do that. So it looked like a rerun of the John Maine start. Ambiorix Burgos even came in to make a cameo! I figured I'd turn the game off once he gave up a home run. But he uhhh, pitched well. So, going in to the ninth, I figured that a 4 run lead was pretty comebackable. David Newhan proceeded to almost decapitate Ryan Dempster with a single up the middle, and my interest was piqued. Then came what I regard the most important play of the inning.

Ramon Castro absolutely smoked one to rightfield on a hit and run. But he hit it to Matt Murton, seemingly stranding Newhan between 1st and 2nd base. It was gonna be one of those tough luck double plays that make a hit and run look especially stupid, and the Mets would be down to their last out with no one on base. But Murton's throw wasn't quite true enough, and Newhan hustled his way back to first to keep the kind-of threat alive.

Seeing that even the first out was incredibly hard hit, I was encouraged. No one wanted to be that guy who couldn't hit Dempster. Carlos Gomez continued to make Lastings Milledge sweat by singling, followed by Carlos Beltran drawing a walk. People didn't mention what a great eye he had before he came over, but god damn, the boy can draw a walk. Things went so well for the Mets that even when I thought Willie should have pinch hit Reyes for Gotay, I was proven wrong with an RBI single.

Today was supposed to be a bad day for both myself and the Metropolitans. But it turns out that sometimes, even when you don't give much of an effort, it can still turn out to be a good day.


Bushido Brown said...

ummm...lemme get the other ticket...

The Tao said...

Easy: you didn't think a Royals blogger wouldn't find a blog named after the Royals' star pitcher, did you?

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