Monday, May 21, 2007

Now What?

So first thing first- I watched the Miranda/Pevlik fight (I didn’t stick around to see Taylor/Spinks fight.) Pevlik has a nice future ahead of him, assuming boxing politics doesn’t screw him. I could see Taylor moving up in weight to fight Calzaghe, leaving Pevlik without the big fight he deserves. We’ll see. But it was nice to see a middleweight fight that didn’t involve slow defensive battles, or the Spinks method of running away.

So my Warriors lost to the Jazz. All the haters can now rejoice. Those big bad Warriors are gone! Only in the NBA can Bruce Bowen be considered for the defensive player of the year, but the Warriors are dismissed as a bunch of dirty crybabies. Now, in the land of Warrior world (which is a scary place, I plead with everyone not to go there), either you are still in love with the team, and don’t want to do anything to change the chemistry, or you think that they should be blown up, and quick. You have to understand that this “winning in the playoffs” thing is still brand new to Warrior fans. We have a tendency to over-react to everything. I find myself in the middle of the debate. They Warriors need a big man. They don’t need to blow everything up to get one. The following are on my wish list:

Josh Smith- The perfect Nellie player. Can swing between the 3-4, and already is tailor-made for the rest of the NBA to call him a thug. He can rebound, play defensive, is made for Nelson’s offensive, and is only 21. Why would Atlanta give him up? Well, they already have Joe Johnson, Josh Childress, and Marvin Williams, and they don’t have a point guard. So Monte Ellis could be pretty enticing. While it would be sad to lose Monte, Smith would solve a lot of the Warriors problems (outside of guarding Duncan and/or Boozer, but getting someone like Drew Gooden wouldn’t help much with that anyway).

Anderson Varejao (image from A restricted free-agent, this long haired hyper-active big man could come off the bench, and add valuable rebounding skills, as well as a guy who can bang with the bigs in the west. He’s not the savor, but the Warriors don’t necessary need a savor. Since he’s a restricted free agent, the Warriors could trade Sarunas Jasikevicius to the Cavs in a sign and trade (the Cavs have been interested in Sarunas for a while, and they need a point guard).

KG- The dream. The savor. The one who can make everything feel warm and toasty at night. This isn’t likely. But if Garnett demands a trade, the Warriors are an attractive trade partner for the Wolves. A trade of J-Rich, Al Harrington, Monte Ellis, and our first round pick should be pretty decent package of players and contracts for Minnesota. (It works under the salary cap) You would get a borderline all-star, a talented 3-4 who can hit three’s, and the most improved player of the year in Monte Ellis, who is only 21. The Warriors would get Garnett, one of the few players who can push the Warriors from the playoff fringes to legitimate title contenders.

Will any of this happen? I don’t know now, but it sure beats speculating about another lottery pick.

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Slammnardo said...

The Taylor-Spinks fight wasn't bad. A little dull but Spinks did pretty well all things considered until he got tired from all his running away.