Thursday, May 3, 2007

More Brilliant Ideas

If the Bush White House spent more time thinking of how to run the country and not trying to make themselves look good, the government might be half functional right now (yes half, it's not like these are good policies to begin with).

So, would you wear a cancer bracelet for Tony Snow? The story said reporters were "divided" about the issue, but really the only division should be between those who say "No" and those who say "Hell fucking no". I understand that getting cancer is a scary experience, and no one should have to face that alone. Except for maybe Roger Clemens. But Tony Snow is hardly alone. He has his family and friends, he's not gonna be running out of money anytime soon and he works for the freaking President of the United States. So to change the Livestrong bracelets to say "Tony Snow" isn't just narcissistic of the White House staff, it's downright retarded. Tony Snow didn't survive cancer to become the greatest Tour de France champion of all time, like some people who read this blog. He survived cancer and became a half truth spewing ghoul for a lame duck administration. Let's try to keep some perspective here folks.

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Slammnardo said...

I'm glad that stupid rubber bracelet fad ended. It was nearly as annoying as those ribbon car magnets.