Tuesday, May 1, 2007

How To Kill Oneself With Words

Sometimes (often) I wonder if politicians really do live in a separate world from our own. Maybe they take a space shuttle down every morning to provide something insane and ill thought out to the press, then they take the space shuttle back up to their home planet of Mkertunhus.

Case in point, Joe Bruno, the head of the New York State Senate. Bruno, a man already under federal investigation for corruption, has decided that after the voters of New York overwhelmingly elected a man who's obsessive about reform to the point that it's scary, that it would be a great time for a pay raise. Because our poor New York state senators don't make nearly enough money (79 grand a year for a part time job).

So now that Senate Dems have wised up and backed out of the raise, Bruno is pissed. So pissed, that apparently he's willing to say the craziest god damn thing he could think of:

"You have a right to change your mind. ... But I don't believe you have a right to walk away from people who send you here and cave in to this governor every time he intimidates you."

Walk away from the people who send you here? Joe, have you taken a look around lately? The state legislature is known as a place where nothing gets done. New York State's government is such a mess that it's amazing the state can even function anymore. Upstate has no economy. And not only do you want a raise, but you think the voters sent you to the Senate to get it?

Life must be freaking awesome on Mkertunhus.

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Slammnardo said...

Bruno is beloved in the Albany area and feels like he can throw his weight around because he's the champion of upstate pork projects (case in point, Joe Bruno Stadium, the minor league baseball field). I'm glad that the Dems realized that a pay raise for the most dysfunctional body in ANY state is idiotic.

I'm also convinced that the legislature hasn't been in session in years. Every time I put on the NYS Senate channel, it's always out of session with crappy smooth jazz or lightly played elevator music in the background; doesn't matter what time or what day I check either.