Wednesday, May 16, 2007

He Was a Big Fat Asshole

Someday, that statement may come back to haunt me. Oh well. If Cristopher Hitchens is allowed to talk shit about Mother Theresa after she died, I can call Jerry Falwell a big fat asshole. If it was true when he was alive, it's true now that he's dead.

I'm not here to gloat over Jerry Falwell's death. One day I will die and you will die and really everything will die because the Sun will burn out. The wonder of the screaming void that is the internet is that I have a place to say that contrary to what many people in the coming time will say, Jerry Falwell was not a good man. At least in public.

The Post and The Sun had glowing write ups about Falwell, as one would expect. They both made sure to pay lip service to the fact that it was wrong and bad for him to be a bigot. The Post called his post 9/11 comment about the pagans and ACLU and so forth "unfortunate". The Sun topped that by far, lumping Falwell in with a number of religious men far more worthy of admiration:
"Our history is filled with giants, from such clergymen as Rev. Samuel Cooper, who supported the American Revolution, to abolitionist Henry Ward Beecher, who helped build support for the end of slavery, to ministers such as Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., who fought for desegregation and civil rights."
Martin Luther King deserves a comparison to Jerry Falwell like Jon Lester deserves more cancer. It just shouldn't happen.

Jerry Falwell was a fat rich white man who had the ear of senators and presidents. He could have used his religion to push mankind in a brotherly direction. But instead, while his government sponsored mass death and our children fought in a miserable desert against other children, he had nothing to say.

He had plenty to say about the evils of homosexuality. He had plenty to say about the Jewish features of the anti-Christ. Jerry Falwell had plenty of time to lob grenades at atheists and feminists and Muslims. But he never had any reason it seems, to speak for the poor who were truly being left behind. He didn't speak for his dying planet. He spoke for free enterprise. He spoke for hate. Jerry Falwell's God was American to the core. He voted Republican and he also forgave very quickly, provided you were a bigot.

As we continue to drop bombs on Iraq, Jerry Falwell will have a funeral attended by Important People who will say Important Things and then will go back to living their Important Lives. Two more Important People will probably die, thus extending the Rule of Three and further blowing my mind.

My epitaph for Jerry Falwell then reads thusly

He Spoke for Christ

He Worked for Christ

He Shamed Christ

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The Tao said...

Amen. Fred Phelps is a much worser man, however.