Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Great Fight Hype

I am in my early twenties. Most early twenty-somethings are currently interested in some fight league known as the UFC that claims to be a no holds bar division. The UFC is monopolize in principle and organization in a way that is not quite an economic trust but as close as the law allows it to be. The Socialists may sneer but it's undeniable that the UFC's solid market model, unified championship, postively capitalist relationship with pride fighting groups and willingness to hold trainers and promoters accountable has led to it's uprising success.

On the other side of the economic-political/age spectrum stands the fight sport for greyhairs, one known as "boxing". The boxing community gets older every year while a few young punks with whiskers under the chin stick around drinking beer and checking out every match ESPN has to offer on their actionpacked schedule. For those few that still remain, the time has come (fellas, brothers), to make our decision.

Am I blowing this out of proportion? No. For a while Boxing may have died and no one outside of our clique knew the name Floyd Mayweather three months ago. That said, it's the biggest fight (though not the best) we have and it's time to man up.

Here's my call, aided by six rounds a night of fundamental training and learning the ring and ropes as well as tape and "expert" analysis.

Mayweather by decision.

I know, it's conservative as hell. This is still a prediction and it's my job to get it right. All signs point to a long fight- Mayweather's tendency to go twelve (six of the last ten fights), his need to protect his hands, ODH's likely inability to hit the speedy Prettyboy and the necessary caution taken.

The real shame in this weekend is that this is far from the best fight boxing or even the best in the DIVISION! I would include Mayweather in my ultimate fight but the flat fact is that he has not been in the ring with someone that matched him in both size and speed since Diego Corrales. Castillo did a decent job tracking him and Zab Judah was almost as athletic but has some problems upstairs (in his head, not his uppercuts).

The best fight near welterweight is Floyd, the most talented fighter on Earth, against somone who can take him down. That someone is currently playing sparring partner to the man Floyd is currently fighting.

Someone might be quick to point out that Vernon Forrest took out Sugar Shane Mosley. To this I would respond that Forrest landed some lucky shots and that styles make fights, not neccesaarily fighters. If lineage was the pure legitimate way to rank fighters, then it wouldn't make any sense that Mayorga could beat Forrest who beat Sugar Shane who beat Delahoya who beat the shit out of Mayorga, now would it?

Mosley's style is to come forward. Winky Wright was able to utilize his size and bully him around by morphing a few of his defensive moves into offensive fire power. Particularly he began to use the shoveoff in a faster more efficient manner, pushing Mosley back several feet and drilling him with class 1-2 shots to the chops. Wright blocked the shots that came his way.

Mayweather tends to keep his hands down and roll his shoulder. Hand speed would be more effective in the ring with Mayweather that it was against Wright because you can' hit a man in the face if he provides no gaps. Mosley could match speed with speed and potentially catch Floyd in a match. He is good at cutting off the ring and even still has equal or better pop than the pound for pound champ.

It's starting to look like a good match, eh? Alas, the reasonable thing is different from the reality of the fight game. In the meantime, find yourself a venue with some beer and a big screen and enjoy two of the most athletic men on Earth beating the crap out of each other with barely any ability to tap out like they do in the so-called no holds bar UFC.



Ush said...

Nice post. I agree that Sugar Shane would make a better opponent for Mayweather. I expect that whoever wins this fight will battle with Mosley next.

Slammnardo said...

This is going to be a great fight though. Oscar is my boy, I hope he kicks the shit out of Mayweather.

Ush said...

I am rooting for Oscar too, although I think that he doesn't match up great with Mayweather. I'm mainly hoping for a great fight, period.

Apartment 618 said...

My Dad just asked me who Holyfield is fighting.