Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Fuck you all. Seriously, you're all a bunch of assholes, and this is coming from one of the most judgmental people on the planet. I had myself all lathered up in self righteous internet rage last night, ready to lower the boom on unsuspecting With Leather ass kissers and various high school lusters. But then a bunch of things happened.

First of all, I realized that the Washington Post article was complete shit. As opposed to doing 10 fucking minutes of web surfing and finding that a bunch of much creepier Stokke photos were circulating Bar Stool Sports and Sports By Brooks, WaPo reporter Lazy Assbrain decided to just blame everything on Matt Ufford and call it a night.

This of course made him a martyr, which is the last thing he is. All his commenters (and Deadspin commenters for that matter) all got to play the victims and talk about how Stokke didn't know how good she hadit to be this kind of shallow internet celebrity, and told her to embrace it like Jenn Sterger. Nevermind that everyone hates Jenn Sterger because she took advantage of her situation to get a column.

I thought that's where it ended, but then apparently the Stokkes went on Fox News today to continue complaining about their newfound fame. Which is, admittedly, a stupid thing to do. Kinda harmless and naive maybe if these aren't media savvy people, which I'd be willing to believe if Al Stokke didn't turn out to be the lawyer of one David Parks. Officer David Parks. So it turns out the wounded father is a dickhead.

To recap: Everyone involved in this situation did something stupid, lazy or just plain wrong. And somehow I got suckered in to caring about it, for however briefly. Ggggghhh, you people make me sick.

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Slammnardo said...

If she didn't want to be ogled she shouldn't have been born attractive.