Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Nothing Clever To See Here

I sat and tried to think of some wise ass title to give this post. But apparently this sweep actually means something to me. Which makes sense. After seven years of futility, one of nothing and one of disappointment, I finally get to watch the Rangers play hockey the when it's meant to be played: in May.

Every game that goes by, the legends of Henrik Lundqvist and Sean Avery grow. The Rangers have two Hall of Famers in Jagr and Shanahan, but they wouldn't be anywhere without the Swede and the tough guy.

Henrik Lundqvist looked lost to start the season, which concerned everyone. It looked like a sophmore slump at best. At worst, he was shattered after the way the Devils swept the Rangers out of the playoffs last year. But as it turns out, he got his shit together and became the hottest goalie in hockey. And a horse at that, playing 26 of the Rangers' last 28 games, and these four playoff games.

I can only posit that Avery came into his first practice with the team and fired a gun in the air. How else to explain the immediate impact he had on the attitude of a directionless, inconsistent team that was underachieving like they got paid for it? Sean Avery showed up and the team tightened up. They hustled, they played with urgency, and they pulled off an incredible run that so far has steamrolled over Atlanta.

I guess Governor Spitzer can learn a thing or two from Sean Avery, eh? Ahhhh, there it is. There's the bad comedian just begging to get out.