Thursday, April 5, 2007

Meche Madness

For the record, his name was one of the first bulletpointed rumbling and grumblings in Jayson Stark's column today:

"One scout's review of Curt Schilling's stunning Opening Day clunker: "He didn't have one above-average pitch, except for his splitter. And he was behind in the count too much to make it effective." But the same scout says he saw no reason Schilling won't rebound. "I didn't see any flaws in his delivery, and I didn't see any arm restrictions," the scout said. "So I think he'll figure it out."

• The same scout on the reason for Gil Meche's Opening Day success: 'That's the best command he's ever had when I've seen him. And he was able to repeat his delivery better than I've ever seen him.'"

So perhaps the Mechemeister has discovered some control and he worked hard through a regimented system and new improved diet over the offseason and now he's out for blood. Or maybe he was tired of sucking. He might have even wanted to fulfill an $11 million dollar paycheck for at least one year of a contract that made him rich enough to buy downtown Kansas City.

The explanation that I like best is that one Gil Meche was gleaming and checking out the newspapers after landing an enormungo sized ace in his hole and discovered what a "gil meche experience" is when he googled it.

Then he got pissed.

Now he's Cy Young.


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Slammnardo said...

Curt Schilling was molested as a boy by his uncle.

Paid for by the campaign to libel Curt Schilling.