Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Who is Wall Street? Because is it just me, or do they sound like they're talking about a person. A giant...dollar bill...with a top hat..rampaging through the Financial District. Or maybe it's more like that Aqua Teen episode where they cloned all the money and George Washington showed up in the form of dollar bills. Is that who Wall Street is?

I have bad news for us all. Everyone who writes for this blog is so far left that we've fallen off the map. See, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are radical, far left liberals. There, we occupy a negative space in politics, floating around a void not unlike TIWTIJJ's magic garbage bag world. But we don't get strippers, just cold, empty loneliness and the order to think about what we've done until we find Jesus and move into the Hillary Clinton wing of the liberal Democrats.

Shout to the nerdy guy near the end of the video who was obviously the only real financial analyst on the panel for actually talking about things like mortgage rates. Shout out to the woman near the end of the video. My goal in life is to fuck Fox News sluts, and you just made the list Rebecca Gomez. See you in the morning...in the shower...in my mind.

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Apartment 618 said...

You call "dibs" on Rebecca Gomez but all is fair in love, war and fucking FOX sluts. I'm taggin' her first.