Friday, March 30, 2007

Holy Shit

Sorry Dan. It was the smart bet.

Well, that's one way to bounce back from a 40 point loss. The Warriors have never looked better this season, and they won a game that they absolutely had to win to stay in the race for the eighth spot in the west. J-Rich looked amazing through three quarters, Crazy Stephen Jackson (or CSJ for short), was the glue the entire night, and they hung on to win at the end. A few other observations:

  • Baron looked great most of the night, but during the last six minutes of the forth, he reverted back to the pound the ball, shoot too much point guard of his past. When Baron plays the role of the distributor, the Warriors are hard to stop. I don't know why he stopped playing that role in the last half of the fourth.
  • If Monte Ellis learns how to hit a 18 foot jumper consistently, he's going to be hard to stop.
  • Steve Nash was a liability today on defense. Whenever Nelson had Nash in a mismatch, he had the Warriors exploit it. It got the point where D'Antoni almost had no choice but to take him out for a little while.
  • Those city jersey's are sick.
The Warriors sit only a game back of the Clippers. With the upcoming three game road trip, the Warriors needed this win, and they got it. It's almost like rooting for a real team.

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Epidimos said...

I'm all about Phoenix and their immensely-talented-yet-slowing-down team, and I was rooting for 'em to come back pretty much from the get-go. BUT watching Golden State playing in the first quarter, I didn't want them to miss a shot. I was actually surprised the few times they did.