Monday, February 26, 2007

Spring is Here Again... And so is Hidalgo

Pulpman has already tossed some baseball articles at you. I would criticize them by saying that they were valuable and performed to expected standards, thereby completely missing the goal of providing readers with what one would call "The Gil Meche Experience", so I'm doing my part with this poor, poor article.

As referenced here, the Astros apparently have left the right field job up to Spring Training tryouts rather than flatly handing the position to hitting phenom Luke Scott. These days you can't just hit in the .330s and get yourself a job; first you must outcompete Richard Hidalgo and Jason Lane.

I don't have much to say about Lane, other than that he has an off balance swing and his radio commercials make him sound like a robot (Note: Why did they think Jason Lane would help them sell houses?) Pulpman and I have had some experience with Dalgy. For me, he was the bright spot on a poor 2000 Astros team. Check out the old baseball refererence and let your eyes go wowza.

2001 was a bit of a down year and 2002 was a complete bust for Hidalgo. In the offseason between 2002 and 2003, Dalgy got a shot in the arm- literally. Someone in Venezuela shot him. In the arm.

For some reason, I took that as a sign from the baseball deities and predicted a return to greatness. His line became solid and reliable again, a born again productive offensive player with- get this- 22 outfield assists. He was throwing a guy out from right field once a week for the entirety of the season!

The next season he tanks and the Stros trade him 58 games into the season for Dave Weathers and Jeremy Griffiths. Weathers plays mopup duty in the Astros pen for the rest of the year. Dalgy had hit four home runs up to that point of the season, goes on to pop off six more- over his first week as a Met!

His season stunk at the end and he was an ultimate disaster for the Rangers last year. Now Richard Hidalgo stands at a new point in his baseball career, searching for the player he once was...

Hey, Dalgy, I hear there are a lot of carjackings on MLK Boulevard.



Slammnardo said...

Didn't Hildago hit for the cycle right after he got traded to the Mets?

Apartment 618 said...

Something like that... he was Babe Ruth for a week before returning to the sub-.300 OBP.