Thursday, February 22, 2007

Kevan Barlow, We Hardly Knew Ye...and Jimmy Rollins' Lunacy

Well, in possibly the least surprising roster move of the off season, the Jets have cut ties with Kevan Barlow. Barlow, of course, will be forever remembered by Jets fans for being completely inept in almost every situation, as reflected by his 2.8 yards per carry. Of course, this makes it increasingly likely that the Jets will draft a running back, possibly early, as it is unclear whether or not Leon Washington or Cedric Houston (or a combination of the two) are capable of carrying the load for a team which clearly needs to improve its ground game. Nevertheless, it was clear that Barlow was incapable of doing anything except take up cap space, and so I am happy to bid him adieu.

Jimmy Rollins: Douche bag, or mega douche bag?

Phillies SS Jimmy Rollins apparently wasn't content to put his foot in his mouth just once regarding the rest of the NL East. On Tuesday, Rollins decided to sound off again (courtesy of Metsblog)

We're the team to beat. I can't put it any other way...Look at our team and what we're bringing. Look at the improvements we've made. You look at the rest of the division...The Mets had a chance last year to go to the World Series. They made it to the playoffs. They won the division. Congratulations, but last year is over. They can take that any way they want, but I'm just stating a fact.

Well Jimmy, allow me to begin by stating a fact as well; you need to stop smoking so much crack. Is the Mets' rotation as iron clad as I want it to be? No. But last I checked, the Mets are still the team to beat, until you can actually (GASP!) PROVE OTHERWISE ON THE FIELD. But until then, please, continue making yourself look like a fool. It will make watching the Phillies inevitable failure to make the playoffs that much sweeter.


Ush said...


I hear rumors of you guys sending us your #1 pick for Michael Turner.


Bushido Brown said...

those rumors have been floating around the jets board for a while...i didnt want to do a whole post on the jets running back situation as i figure i'll address the topic plenty once free agency gets started and after the combine...

but yeah...Norv post on that one?

Ush said...

Yeah, I know. I've got to blog about that, and seeing Chappelle. It's been hard to blog about Turner, since my brain partially melted when I heard the news, and it still hasn't completely recovered.